Schneider Electric drives global recruitment with standardized approach

Schneider Electric is a global energy-management specialist with operations in more than 100 countries. It is focused on making energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive, and green.

Schneider Electric provides technology and integrated solutions to optimize energy usage across a range of markets, such as utilities and infrastructure; manufacturing; nonresidential buildings; data centers and networks; as well as the residential sector. 


With Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud, we have vastly improved our global recruitment processes, boosted efficiency, increased internal hires, and gained better visibility of our worldwide candidates.

Yvette StortzVice President, Global Talent Acquisition and Mobility, Schneider Electric

Business challenges

  • Implement a single, worldwide platform for internal and external recruiting needs throughout the growing global energy-management organization
  • Establish standardized recruitment processes, whether for recruiting engineers, technicians, or business professionals in growing emerging markets or in traditional, established markets
  • Improve recruitment data visibility and analysis to assist with decision-making
  • Benefit from the existing talent pool by improving visibility of roles within the business for internal candidates

We chose Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud because it is the best in its class and has a proven reputation with a number of large, global organizations. An organization’s recruitment platform and process is a potential employee’s first experience with the company, so that first impression must be great. At Schneider Electric, we always strive to evolve and stay ahead, and we need the right tools to convey that vision to potential candidates. Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud offers us that flexibility to grow and evolve into the future.

Yvette StortzVice President, Global Talent Acquisition and Mobility, Schneider Electric

Why Schneider Electric Chose Oracle

Schneider needed a tool that would work on a global scale, with global support from the vendor during and after implementation. Oracle delivered on both counts. Schneider also chose Oracle as it wanted to work with an organization that listens to its customers and with a tool that has the flexibility to evolve in line with Schneider’s business. 


  • Established a standardized, global-recruitment platform with Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud for all internal and external recruitment needs throughout 130 countries in the global energy-management organization
  • Increased the number of internal hires by as much as 10%, with improved visibility of available positions on a global scale, enabling Schneider to benefit from existing talent
  • Replaced disparate tools—ranging from manual systems, like Microsoft Excel and Outlook, to human resources applications, to bespoke recruitment and applicant-tracking tools used in different geographical markets——with a global, cloud-based platform
  • Simplified and accelerated the recruitment process for hiring managers with standardized, user-friendly, automated systems, clear processes, and improved data management, eliminating the need to rely on disparate systems and manual processes
  • Posted 100% of vacancies automatically on LinkedIn, eliminating previous manual processes, saving time, and gaining a greater reach for job advertisements—ultimately increasing the number of applications and helping to compete for the best candidates in the global-technology and energy-management markets
  • Enabled faster, more efficient recruitment to address important recruiting needs in emerging markets, including India and China where the energy-management industry is growing rapidly and where Schneider Electric had no previous recruitment system in place
  • Enabled detailed global recruitment analysis for the first time with a single data source, and improved decision-making by identifying which recruitment agencies and advertisements are most effective
  • Improved the company’s management of recruitment agencies with a standardized, consistent approach on a global scale that ensures all agents are managed and measured in a uniform way
  • Improved recruitment experience for internal and external candidates by providing a consistent and easy-to-use application process—helping to attract the best talent
  • Achieved a smooth and straightforward integration when migrating the newly acquired company Invensys to Schneider’s Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud, to quickly deliver a standardized recruiting system throughout the organization
Publicado:March 9, 2015