Brand Performance Tracking

Understand how your life sciences brand is performing, optimize its potential, and fine-tune your strategies.

Oracle was named a leader in IDC MarketScape Vendor Assessment.

Brand performance tracking solutions

The role of brand performance tracking solutions

Oracle can help optimize your brand’s performance throughout its lifecycle with brand performance tracking. Before, during and after launch, our performance tracking can help reveal unrealized opportunities. Over time, it can also guide you through the challenges of patent loss and generic competition.

Brand tracking and performance optimization in the moment

Two-thirds of new drug launches fail to meet company expectations.1 By tracking your brand performance before and after launch, you can assess whether your organization is achieving the uptake and differentiation needed. We establish how various aspects of your multichannel marketing campaign are performing so you can course-correct quickly and fine-tune your approach.

1 McKinsey & Company, The secret of successful drug launches

A framework for flexible measurement based on solid principles

Oracle’s approach to brand tracking is based around a proprietary framework, developed specifically for life sciences to help maximize a brand’s commercial success.

Our proprietary methodology measures not only how your brand is performing, but also its potential and, importantly, how it can get there. This means we provide a clear picture of your brand’s competitive position, as well as action-focused recommendations on how to optimize performance.

Comprehensive market research and analysis

Our brand tracking approach is based on your brand objectives, the nature of the market, and your brand’s lifecycle stage. Not only do we identify the level of awareness and uptake your brand has achieved, but what messages your customers receive across channels and how this is affecting your positioning in the market. We measure brand performance from three critical perspectives, brand execution, brand experience, and brand access, to identify barriers and determine the actions necessary to realize your brand’s potential.

Integrated data and an experienced team

Our interdisciplinary team of researchers, methodologists, and statisticians has experience across a range of therapy areas, ensuring that your brand tracking program is tailored to your specific market. The team leverages primary research surveys and an extensive array of databases, including claims and EHR data, to provide a comprehensive and integrated view of your brand performance and potential.

In-depth insights into new opportunities

To help you explore further, our qualitative research team can draw from their extensive knowledge of ethnography, behavior change, and cultural immersion, providing deep insights into your brand’s opportunities and how to target them.

Brand tracking at every stage

With Oracle, you can understand how your brand is performing at every stage of its development, enabling you to seize opportunities and optimize potential.

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