The Broad Adoption of Cloud Services Has Created a New Set of Cybersecurity Challenges

Enterprises demand the agility the cloud provides, but consume cloud services without the involvement of cybersecurity teams. As a result, many organizations need to close the gap between their organization’s use of the cloud and their readiness to secure a growing cloud footprint.

Participants in our study appreciate that closing the cloud security gap will require investments, with 89% of respondents expecting their organization will increase cybersecurity spending in the next fiscal year, and 44% of them anticipating a rise of 7% or more.

Download this report and understand the implications of the cloud-enabled workplace on cybersecurity by exploring the following key findings of the Oracle and KPMG Cloud Threat Report 2018:

  • Cloud usage continues unabated and the threat landscape is increasingly complex and varied
  • Detection and response is critical—but not always easy in the cloud
  • Customers don’t always understand their cloud security obligations
  • Cloud and mobile-centric employees beget the need for new identity and access management strategies
  • Technology alone isn't enough, but machine learning can help

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