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Migrate VMware Workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Without Modification

IDC report: Painless Cloud Migration: Maximizing Payback for Workloads report cover image

IDC interviews Oracle about how a VMware Cloud Verified environment simplifies IT management for VMware workloads

Customers with workloads using on-premises VMware can shift the vast majority of their workloads “as is” and “as a whole” to Oracle Cloud VMware Solution—without the need for extensive planning, rearchitecting, or refactoring. Download this IDC paper to read an interview between IDC VP of Cloud Services Research for Asia/Pacific Chris Morris and Oracle Director, Cloud Architects for Australia and New Zealand Tom Walker. In this informative conversation, the two discuss:

  • The positive outcomes organizations have seen after moving their VMware workloads to the cloud
  • How moving VMware workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure helps organizations take advantage of adjacent database services
  • How Oracle helps VMware customers use the same methodologies they used on-premises while they learn new cloud skills

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