Oracle Configuration and Compliance

Analytics-Driven Compliance Visibility

Oracle Configuration and Compliance (OCC) Cloud Service is an integrated security configuration and compliance management solution to monitor, assess, and remediate misconfigurations and compliance violations.

  • Simplified and unified dashboard gives you a quick snapshot of your compliance posture.

  • Assessment template comprises a specific scope of entities being evaluated for compliance.

  • Trend analysis of compliance assessments at a regular frequency to see whether you are getting better or worse.

  • Perform deep forensic investigation and initiate quick response with remediation or automated ticketing for further investigation.

Continuous Compliance

Continuous Compliance

  • Get real-time visibility into compliance scores
  • Accelerate compliance with PCI, GDPR, HIPAA, SOX, NIST, and ISO
  • Enforce enterprise security controls and configurations on both old and new IT
  • Keep track of changing regulations
  • Monitor whether sensitive data has been accessed, moved, copied, deleted, or locked
White paper: Oracle Identity SOC with Compliance (PDF)
Continuous Monitoring of IT

Continuous Monitoring

  • Enforce industry standard best practices
  • Monitor for misconfigurations and policy violations
  • Get visibility into risk and security on a single platform
  • Accelerate compliance with GDPR, SOX, PCI, and HIPAA
  • Deploy enterprise security configurations on both old and new IT
Dynamic Assessment of IT

Dynamic Assessment

  • Keep track of changing regulations and security controls
  • Assess both old IT and cloud environments dynamically
  • Evaluate compliance across IT based on industry standards
  • Monitor for data access and user authentication and authorization
Machine Learning-Based Review System

Machine Learning-Based Review System

  • Continuous monitoring of users, apps, data, controls, and configurations
  • Dynamic scoring of apps and users for adjusting the baseline behavior
  • Built-in use cases for anomaly detection
  • Analyze and score each user, app, and asset
  • Reduce time, cost, and complexity for compliance and audit reporting
Automated Remediation of Violations

Automated Remediation of Violations

  • Unified platform for security and management helps expedite rapid forensic investigation
  • Adaptive security response and automated ticketing reduces mean time to respond
  • Simplified compliance audit
  • Extensible to build an entire security operations center
  • Seamless integration with IT Ops and DevOps platform for digital transformation
Analytics for Compliance Management
Analytics for Compliance Management
Anomaly detection and machine learning are helping us to find bad guys that have otherwise bypassed our rules-based prevention systems
—Eric Ahlm, Research Director, Gartner

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