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72 Hours to Cloud: How CARE Modernized PeopleSoft

Leo Leung
Senior Director of Product Management

What could the right cloud infrastructure mean for your organization?
What could the right cloud infrastructure mean for your organization?

For CARE, the right cloud infrastructure means being able to accelerate organizational change while improving internal financial and supply chain functions to deliver humanitarian services to millions of people.

At a high level, the CARE story is a common cloud adoption story. Many customers find benefits in improved IT efficiency and a more scalable, secure, and reliable infrastructure for their critical business applications.

But at a tactical level, nothing about the CARE story is common. We know that’s the case for all organizations that move from on-premises applications to the cloud. So, we’ve designed Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to give global enterprises consistent system performance without them needing to be software and hardware experts themselves. We figure out how to make the technology scalable and reliable so that our customers can focus on what they do best.

A Fast, Seamless Upgrade

Many large, global enterprises face the challenge of upgrading to the benefits of cloud services while keeping the same core business applications. Changing to a different application or building a new one often introduces too much risk and cost. Consider the example of CARE. It needs to supply its headquarters and donors with accurate information, but in the past, it had to run its financials offline because of local technology limitations. With the cloud, CARE can get fresh information every 30 minutes, ensuring that financial controls and criteria are met before making commitments and dispersing funds to suppliers.

Mamuka Khantadze, CARE’s Senior Director of Technology Operations, recognized that a top priority was being freed from the day-to-day management of systems, infrastructure, backup, and other noncore tasks. He also wanted to improve security and dependability.

After deciding that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure was the next chapter in its story, CARE partnered with Astute Business Solutions and upgraded its on-premises PeopleSoft finance applications. The organization went live globally with a single instance of PeopleSoft 9.2 in the cloud in about 72 hours. This successful feat would not have been possible even a few years ago.

New Possibilities with Cloud

Cloud technology has rocketed forward in recent years, creating ways for enterprises like CARE to further their stories by taking steps that align with their unique needs.

With Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, global enterprises using Oracle and other enterprise on-premises applications can quickly and efficiently modernize those applications and gain the security, elasticity, reliability, and other service benefits of the cloud—all while continuing to use the applications that they are familiar with.

This capability is one way that Oracle helps our enterprise customers transition to the cloud, and use their valuable data and human resources while gaining benefits from advancing technologies. For me, it’s part of a mission that led me to join Oracle in 2016. In prior roles, I had experienced cloud services from both startup and enterprise perspectives, and I found there to be many gaps for larger companies. I wanted to change that, and so did Oracle.

Since then, we have worked to close those gaps by using our decades of enterprise IT experience, as well as our experience building and scaling first-generation cloud services, to build a cloud alternative that surpasses what other providers can offer to enterprises.

It’s a new generation of cloud computing built with new design principles in tenant isolation, end-to-end performance, and platform flexibility. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure serves as the foundation for Oracle’s Autonomous Database, Oracle’s cloud services and applications, and a customer’s existing and new workloads. It’s architected specifically for mission-critical enterprise workloads and enables organizations to run applications with enterprise-level SLAs, achieve faster results, migrate workloads at lower risk, and reduce IT costs.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: The Same, but Better

CARE’s story is compelling, but there are more. Alliance Data Systems, a loyalty and marketing services company, moved its on-premises applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure after considering multiple cloud vendors, including Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The company had faced a common decision: Should it renew its current data center agreement for PeopleSoft applications, or should it move to the cloud? The company decided to get rid of its data center and move to the cloud.

Alliance Data Systems looked at vendor offerings in terms of cost, security, and availability. However, the company also knew from experience that its business had greatly benefited from the performance, scalability, and reliability of its Exadata database platform, and that leaving the platform was a risky choice, one that could affect its service delivery. Ultimately, the company decided that migrating to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure was the best path because the company could use the same Exadata platform.

Both customers were able to stay the same where it mattered but improve security, reliability, and the user experience. They are charting their own cloud destinies instead of being limited by inflexible cloud offerings from providers that don’t have as much experience with enterprise technology, processes, and requirements.

A More Powerful Cloud Services Model for Your Story

More and more of our customers are finding that moving Oracle applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is a fast path that delivers the same cloud benefits but with lower risk and disruption. Essentially, if you’re a large enterprise, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure gives you more flexibility than any other provider to define your own cloud transition.

That difference is powerful, because your organization’s story is unique—both in the chapters that have led up to this point and the chapters yet to be written.

What can you do with the right cloud infrastructure? That’s up to you and your organization, and we’ve designed Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to make getting there easier.

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