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IDC: Multicloud Integration Patterns for Intelligent Automation

Four key design patterns to tackle multicloud use cases

Learn how Oracle Cloud Infrastructure integration services accelerate automation.

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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure integration services enable you to quickly adapt these design patterns with prebuilt recipes and low-code automation.

Speed is the key to enterprise growth. Now, technical cloud architects can accelerate the innovation that underpins compelling customer and employee experiences faster than ever before.

Learn how four key design patterns can help digital leaders tackle their most challenging multicloud use cases and accomplish their goals in the next 12 to 18 months. Explore how cloud integration services simplify end-to-end automation across SaaS, on-premises applications, and modern lakehouse analytics to:

  • Accelerate time to deliver modernization projects, minimize maintenance overhead, and simplify SaaS upgrades
  • Monetize enterprise data and drive better decisions through event-driven, multimodal processes, such as recruit-to-pay or lead-to-invoice automated processes
  • Increase visibility, communication, and orchestration across applications and databases with unified observability and exception management

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