The increasing importance of multicloud strategies for enterprises

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"In a recent public endorsement (December 2022) of adopting a multicloud strategic approach the U.S. Pentagon announced a $9B cloud contract. The contract was awarded to Amazon, Microsoft, Oracle, and Google, which is a clear statement of intent to enable the Pentagon to select the most appropriate cloud service for the specific use case."

"The nirvana of cloud is true multicloud where there is no lock-in to any one vendor, or CSP, and we appear to be close to achieving it with the prevalence of multicloud deployments and multi-CSP partnerships."

"The majority of mission critical workloads have not migrated to the cloud yet."

Roy Illsley, Chief Analyst, Cloud and Data Center Practice, Omdia

The increasing importance of
multicloud strategies for enterprises

Read Omdia’s report to learn why most mission-critical workloads haven’t migrated to the cloud and how Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) can help you simplify deployments across clouds.

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