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Oracle Content and Experience Management—Marketing Asset Management

Centralize Campaign Assets
Centralize Campaign Assets
Multichannel Collaboration
Multichannel Collaboration icon Multichannel Collaboration

Can your marketing teams collaborate with other companies to create content?

Create compelling marketing assets for multichannel campaigns. Collaborate easily with both external and internal stakeholders such as partners and design agencies.

Gain Efficiencies in Marketing Operations

Gain Efficiencies in Marketing Operations
  • $0.25

    of every dollar spent on content in B2B firms is wasted on inefficient content operations

    Source: Gleanster Research and Kapost “The $958M Marketing Problem,” May 2015

  • Drive Business Collaboration

    Enable internal and external teams to easily create and collaborate on content within a secure, centralized platform.

  • Automate Decision-Making

    Maintain branding consistency with automated approval processes. Keep control and make sure that brand guidelines and compliance requirements are being met.

  • Deliver Multichannel Experiences

    Improve operational efficiency by leveraging consistent multichannel publishing across email, web, social, and mobile.

  • Collaborate
  • Streamline Approvals
  • Multichannel

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