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Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle and Cloudera Provide the Ultimate Big Data Platform

The Cloudera and Oracle partnership allows customers to deploy comprehensive data strategies, from business operations to data warehousing, data science, data engineering, streaming, and real-time analytics, all on a unified enterprise cloud platform. Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub brings together the best big data technologies from the Hadoop ecosytem, and adds consistent security, granular governance, and full support. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure adds unmatched performance, security, and availability, as well as the ability to run on the same private networks as Oracle databases, Exadata, and back-office applications, for easy data sharing and operational analytics.

Easy to Manage

Hadoop is an evolving ecosystem of open source projects. Bring them all together with Cloudera's management tools to operate reliably and with ease.

Run Anywhere

Run your Hadoop operations on-premises, on Oracle's Cloud, or in hybrid configurations, even across multiple clouds.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Comprehensive encryption, key management, access policy management, role-based separation of data and meta data, and more.

Why Big Data on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?

The benefits of running Hadoop on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure go beyond the generic cloud benefits of ease of use, dynamic resources allocation, and ease of integration with data sources such as transactional databases and (IoT) data streaming. Only Oracle solves the key problems faced with running Hadoop on other public clouds: low compute performance resulting from too many layers of virtualization, too much latency on shared network infrastructure, and low performance storage.

40% Better Compute Performance

Up to 40% better performance for Cloudera Big Data workloads on Oracle bare metal compute instances, relative to virtual machines.

Up to 50% Faster HDFS

Up to 50 TB of blisteringly fast NVMe SSD storage per node, for up to 50% better HDFS performance versus other public cloud storage.

Up to 1 PB of Block Storage Per Node

Up to 1 PB of high performance solid state block storage per node.

Guaranteed Network Performance

Flat network with 25 Gbps bandwidth between any two nodes, guaranteed by the only network performance SLA in the industry.

Test Drive Cloudera on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in minutes!

Try pre-configured solutions running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, for free. You can launch a Jump Start Demo Lab in minutes, giving you a hands-on introduction to big data using Cloudera Hadoop on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

This Cloudera Jump Start tutorial provides an introduction for big data using Cloudera Hadoop on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. In the tutorial you will use hands-on-labs to get practice; ingesting data, using log file parsing, Spark based processing, performing analytics, and an introduction to Cloudera Manager.

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