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Book: Chaos Engineering

Book: Chaos Engineering

What’s the best way to get started with chaos engineering?

Auto engineers test the safety of a car by intentionally crashing it and carefully observing the results. Chaos engineering applies the same principles to software systems. It’s the perfect tool for finding the faults in your systems—even in the places you don’t want to look.

Hand-in-hand with chaos engineering are the right tools to help you build your microservices-based, cloud native applications. For this, you’ll want to explore Oracle Linux Cloud Native Environment. With Oracle Linux Cloud Native Environment, Oracle provides the components required by customers to develop microservices-based applications that can be deployed in environments that support open standards and specifications.

So, what’s the best way to get started with chaos engineering?

Chaos Engineering is an ebook that includes selected chapters from Chaos Engineering: Site reliability through controlled disruption, by Mikolaj Pawlikowski, creator of the Kubernetes Chaos Engineering tool PowerfulSeal. This technical guide brings you into the world of chaos engineering, including essential tools and practices. As you read, you’ll get your feet wet with your first chaos experiment and build a foundation to go deeper into this brand-new way to test and help you deliver highly reliable cloud native solutions.

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