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Explore technical sessions by developers, for developers. Learn about building and running cloud native and cloud-connected apps, get hands-on with AI and machine learning, and hear from experts on MySQL and Oracle databases, Java, automation, developer tools, containers, serverless, security, and more.

Choose from more than 100 hands-on labs such as troubleshooting Kubernetes, building microservices, or using Python with Oracle Database. Dive deep into your peers’ real-world, emerging tech use cases such as AI for image analytics or functions to automate database operations. Learn how to apply cloud-based tools such as chatbots to on-premises apps such as Oracle E-Business Suite. With sessions ranging from beginner to advanced, we provide the knowledge you need. Interact with technical experts from the open source community, check out new technologies up close, and mingle with fellow developers in the Developer Hub.

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Explore these key session tracks to find learning opportunities that meet your needs.

Build and deploy multicloud apps

Nail down the fundamentals of designing, building, and deploying a variety of application ecosystems on cloud infrastructure.

MySQL and MySQL HeatWave

Looking to learn more about the only MySQL cloud service with a built-in, high-performance, in-memory query accelerator? See how HeatWave solves performance challenges for mixed workloads.


Learn how developers can take advantage of tools such as using containers and cloud native services for Java workloads in multicloud and hybrid environments.

AI and machine learning

Get hands-on experience with AI and machine learning. Discover the possibilities open to you with features such as computer vision, data labeling, and object detection and classification.

Automation and developer tools

DevOps, canary, blue-green, Terransible, GitOps. Do we have your attention? Up your automation game by learning to leverage a broad array of open source tools.

Cloud native and open source applications

From API management and GraphQL to full-stack development with GraalVM and JHipster, explore leading development trends and the open source tools that power them.

Containers and serverless

Get educated on Kubernetes service mesh, app deployment using multicloud and multiarchitecture, serverless workflows for service orchestration, and a whole lot more.


Learn all about the latest innovations in Oracle Autonomous Database, Oracle Database, and Exadata. Explore new approaches to building applications that use any data or run any workload and can be deployed anywhere.

Observability and management

Learn to manage every event, every environment, all at once with a broad array of open and extensible tools for monitoring your application ecosystem no matter where it is deployed.

Featured sessions

Featured speakers

Join us in the DevNucleus to meet with experts, explore new technologies, and have fun! Take advantage of the treasure trove of technical information assembled for developers, by developers. No matter what solution you’re looking to build, you’ll find hands-on labs, demos, hackathons, and more in the DevNucleus at Caesars Forum.

  • Oracle, Executive Vice President of Software Development

  • Director, Developer Platforms

  • Oracle, Principal Product Manager

  • MosaicML, CEO

  • Microsoft, Principal Engineer

Wim Coekaerts

Wim Coekaerts is executive vice president of software development at Oracle. He is responsible for managing a number of projects including Oracle Linux and Virtualization, Oracle Enterprise Manager, MySQL, MySQL HeatWave, Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET), Oracle Visual Builder, and various developer, infrastructure, and management cloud services. Wim is a well-known developer in the open source community.

Paul Jenkins

Paul Jenkins is a senior principal product manager for container and Kubernetes services in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). He's worked at Oracle for 10 years and has been a member of the OCI team for six of them. Outside of work, Paul enjoys playing golf and playing bass guitar—but not at the same time.

Manish Kapur

As a Director, Developer Relations, Manish focuses on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Application Development platform. This includes Cloud Native Development (Kubernetes, DevOps, Container Registry, Serverless Functions), Blockchain, Low Code Development, and Java services. He frequently presents and speaks at industry events, meetups and conferences.

Adrian Padilla Duarte

At Oracle, Adrian Padilla is a product manager for the Oracle WebLogic Server for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Container Engine for Kubernetes and Java Cloud Service. Adrian has more than 14 years of experience working with Java-related technologies and cloud solutions. He is currently focusing on solutions for moving Oracle WebLogic Server deployments to OCI.

Naveen Rao

An expert in the AI hardware field, Naveen Rao, PhD is currently the CEO and cofounder of MosaicML. He was also the CEO and cofounder of Nervana Systems: the first hardware startup for modern deep learning. After its acquisition by Intel in 2016, Naveen became Intel's head of AI. Naveen has also held various AI research, design, and architecture roles. He holds a PhD in computational neuroscience from Brown University and a BS in electrical engineering and computer science from Duke University.

Graeme Keith Rocher

An architect at Oracle, Graeme Rocher is the creator of several popular open source projects including Grails ( and Micronaut ( He is also the coauthor of "The Definitive Guide to Grails." Graeme is a member of the Java Champions (, and in 2018, he was awarded the Groundbreaker award by Oracle ( for his work on open source.

Nell Shamrell-Harrington

Nell Shamrell-Harrington is a principal software engineer at Microsoft in the Azure Office of the CTO. She is a long-time open source contributor and maintainer, having contributed to Chef, the Rust Programming Language, ClearlyDefined, GitBOM, and many other projects. Additionally, she is the lead editor of This Week in Rust and a member of the board of directors for the Rust Foundation. Outside of work, she enjoys raising pet bunnies.

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