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Learn how to modernize your operations and address priority business challenges across finance, supply chain, HR, marketing, sales, and service with Oracle Cloud Applications.

At CloudWorld, you’ll learn to respond to threats and constant change with predictive, agile applications. Manage supply chain disruption; retain, engage, and excite your workforce; and make every customer interaction matter by connecting all your business data. Hear how business leaders like yourself embrace cloud applications and technologies to reduce technical debt, manage environmental and social goals, and stay ahead of change.

Outpace change with cloud applications

Choose from hundreds of sessions to learn to be ready for what’s next from the people harnessing the cloud.

Modernize your applications

With cloud applications, you automatically get the latest user experience, innovation, security, and technologies. Learn strategies for staying ahead of the shifting business landscape.

Run a sustainable and ethical business

Stakeholders demand progress on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals, including sustainability, diversity, and inclusion. Design a strategy to meet your ESG goals.

Manage supply chain disruption

Manage through vulnerabilities and upheavals. Join your peers and experts to learn the latest trends, practices, and technologies to make your supply chain more efficient and resilient.

Design the great retention

Attracting and retaining talent has never been more challenging. Discover new strategies and technology to help you develop a competitive edge for your organization.

Master martech

Learn to drive spectacular results by tackling marketing transformation with modern cloud technology and eliminating siloed data with a unified customer data platform.

Connect your enterprise planning

Planning in siloes is counterproductive. Learn to plan and predict your business outcomes with integrated, connected data and use machine learning to improve insight and accuracy.

Featured sessions

  • Solution Keynote

    Digital Finance Transformation with Oracle as Your Partner

    Powerful forces across business, technology, and society are impacting our “normal” in unexpected ways, offering opportunities for leaders able to leverage their finance modernization and transformation efforts. Join global leaders as they share the keys to their success.

    View the full descriptionof digital finance transformation with Oracle
  • Solution Keynote

    Managing Disruption Across Your Supply Chain

    We can’t control all risk factors—but we can prepare for disruptions and mitigate risk with cloud solutions that increase visibility across the supply chain. Learn how your peers are creating resilient, sustainable, and intelligent supply chains.

    View the full descriptionof managing disruption across your supply chain
  • Solution Keynote

    Mind the Gap: Rebalancing Marketing for the Modern Experience Business

    Today’s marketing leaders know they must do more than just delight the customer. They must also maximize business impact, improve marketing employee experiences, optimize technology, and build bridges across teams.

    View the full descriptionon rebalancing marketing
  • Solution Keynote

    Sales and Service: Where Engagement Meets Execution

    Insights and next-best action power the future. Now is the time to rethink what it means to deliver customer experiences that delight—and sales and service has an opportunity to lead this transformation.

    View the full descriptionon sales and service where engagement meets execution
  • Solution Keynote

    A Future So Bright: Why the World of Work Depends on HR

    Always integral to the business, HR is now paving the way for a future designed with employee experience and inclusivity at its core. Focus on the employee has become essential to the survival of organizations.

    View the full descriptionof why the world of work depends on HR
  • Learning session

    How a Focus on Culture Accelerates Cloud Adoption at Taylor Corporation

    Taylor Corporation implemented Oracle Cloud solutions across 48 legal entities and 86 independently operated companies. Learn how they drove this successful transformation and migration to the cloud.

    View the full descriptionof how Taylor Corporation used Oracle Cloud solutions

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