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Connect with product experts, partners, and customers like you to learn how to create amazing customer and employee experiences with Oracle Sales, Oracle Service, and Oracle Field Service.

Better customer experiences start with better experiences for sales, customer service, and field agents. Sellers shouldn’t have to jump through hoops to sell goods and services, and agents shouldn’t have to spend hours searching for answers to deliver high-quality customer interactions. With Oracles Sales and Oracle Service, they don’t. Explore this content to learn more about our cloud solutions.

The future of sales and service

Learn more about our approach to the shifting landscape across sales, service, and field service.

Revenue transformation

B2B companies will explore how to establish and manage revenue-aligned sales targets; sell subscriptions of products and services; and provide global visibility into reporting.

Asset-based field service

Explore how to predict and prevent downtime, proactively maintain assets, and launch revenue generating service models by connecting the entire service lifecycle.

Next-generation sales

Help sellers sell more by identifying the highest-quality sales opportunities, guiding them through each step of the sales cycle, and delivering a configured quote and proposal.

Digital-first service

Make it easy for B2B organizations to provide agent-assisted and self-service customer support across contact centers, digital service channels, email, SMS, and social.

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