CCL modernizes its back office with Oracle Cloud

The logistics solutions provider turns to Oracle Cloud ERP and HCM for real-time decision-making and greater automation of its supply chain.


Oracle Cloud offered us IT security, support, and backup.

Alejandro Talero CalderonHCM and ERP Operative Leader, Corporación Colombiana de Logística

Business challenges

Corporación Colombiana de Logística, with 875 employees across 10 offices,

provides logistics, transportation, and storage services for companies to help them increase profits and services for their customers.

Since 1999, CCL had been working with the same accounting system. The outdated, manual system made keeping track and securing information difficult.  CCL needed a cloud-based solution.

With Oracle Cloud HCM and Cloud ERP, we were able to continue operating during COVID. Our people can work from home for a long period—all they need is access to the internet to carry out their jobs.

Alejandro Talero CalderonHCM and ERP Operative Leader, Corporación Colombiana de Logística

Why CCL Chose Oracle

The company evaluated SAP and Siesa Enterprise,  but selected Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP and Cloud HCM because the cloud products easily worked with CCL’s existing applications, including integration with payroll and with accounting. Being able to establish only one process within a system that fed into other systems was the main reason that Oracle stood apart for CCL.


With other apps, CCL didn’t have real-time information. Now, with Oracle Cloud HCM, the company can manage operations and documentation. Oracle Cloud has saved the company significant time that used to be spent on manual processes.

With Oracle Cloud HCM, the organization can now trace the careers of all of its employees, handle evaluations, store documents, and various other tasks that used to be dispersed in various formats.

The automation that Oracle Cloud ERP and HCM brought allowed the company to save a significant amount of time that was previously spent chasing paper. Also, CCL’s data is now more secure.

Each employee can now register on an app, allowing CCL to track an employee’s entire journey with the company, including training and achievements. Performance evaluations are also now managed in Oracle Cloud.

Before migrating to Oracle Cloud ERP, the organization paid for a lot of extra hours for employees to generate reports and work on accounting validations and accounting settlements. Those extra hours are gone now that CCL has much more efficiency in its accounting procedures.

已发布:May 5, 2021