JetBlue increases open rates with Oracle Marketing Consulting

Oracle Marketing Consulting helps the airline go from low engagement to effective marketing automation with multivariate email subject line testing.


We needed someone with product expertise to show us how to take advantage of both our current and future products. Thankfully, Oracle Expert Services provided a fresh look from the outside at everything and introduced us to different ways of doing things and features of Oracle Responsys.

Paul RothenbergMedia Analytics Manager, JetBlue

Business challenges

JetBlue’s marketing calendar had become too narrow, and the airline needed a broader view of its program. It wanted to improve campaign utilization rates, optimize antiquated configurations, and prepare to expand outside of the U.S. and support languages other than English.

Oracle Marketing Consulting minimized the question marks for us, so now we can be more ambitious.

Paul RothenbergMedia Analytics Manager, JetBlue

Why JetBlue Chose Oracle

To broaden its marketing horizons, JetBlue chose Oracle Marketing Consulting. The airline sought Oracle’s help with using software features it hadn’t considered before, including a crash course in the language program within Oracle Responsys Campaign Management. JetBlue also looked to Oracle’s strategic and creative expertise to optimize the highest-volume emails so that teams could manage them going forward—moving away from batch and blast to smarter segmentation. The airline also began using multivariate testing of email subject lines to increase open rates.


After implementing the email message designer  in Oracle Responsys, the airline reconfigured antiquated emails and broadened the marketing calendar, which helped to elevate the brand for a better marketing future. With multivariate subject line testing, JetBlue increased its open rates by considerable percentage points. It’s now in a great position to move into the next phase of its marketing program: communicating with customers in multiple languages.

已发布:September 16, 2021