Pola Orbis Holdings updates its finance and accounting systems with Oracle Cloud

The Japan-based holding company deploys Oracle Cloud ERP and Oracle Cloud EPM to build a data-driven platform for better business decisions.


The flexibility of Oracle Cloud ERP allows us to set the business environment and collect and visualize the financial data from the business group, region, channel, and product to make informed business decisions.

Naoshi HiguchiGeneral Planning Office Manager, Pola Orbis Holdings

Business challenges

Pola Orbis Holdings manages more than 10 brands, including Pola, the prestigious beauty retailer, and the middle-range Orbis brand. The businesses previously ran independently while leveraging the flexible strengths of the holding company. However, to fuel its global expansion, the holding group reintroduced a business strategy that manages the brands horizontally.

Capturing and analyzing each brand’s business data to create synergies became critical. The holding group was concerned about data accuracy due to inefficient and manual collection processes that involved heavy paperwork with no standardized data guidelines across brands.

Facing the need to streamline the information platform, the company considered updating its on-premises system. However, that option would have taken more than six months and required cumbersome hardware configurations to manage system access at the beginning and end of each month. The company shifted its focus to a cloud-based ERP and EPM system.

We chose Oracle Cloud ERP for its rich functionality and future potential with innovative product releases every quarter.

Naoshi HiguchiGeneral Planning Office Manager, Pola Orbis Holdings

Why Pola Orbis Holdings chose Oracle

After a careful evaluation process, the group selected Oracle Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Oracle Enterprise Data Management, part of the Oracle Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) suite.

The holding group sought insights from industry experts and existing Oracle Cloud ERP users. Oracle's reputation for its rich functionality and successful global record were two key reasons why Pola Orbis chose Oracle Cloud.

For business management, the holding group gained a seamless exchange of data among its 10-plus holding group brands.


Pola Orbis went live with Oracle Cloud ERP and Oracle Cloud EPM in January 2022. The implementation allowed the company to unify master data, integrate sales and deposit processing, and digitize accounting operations—all of which strengthened governance and operational efficiency while also enabling more informed business decisions.

The previous data consolidation challenges with each group gradually decreased, and the company expects to achieve seamless automated financial data consolidation in the future.

To define the rules to consolidate data, Pola Orbis first linked business data from a critical system in each company to other companies in the group using Oracle Enterprise Data Management. This ensured the seamless exchange of data among the various holding group companies.

The group now collects and visualizes all the financial data required for management to gain insights into each business, region, channel, and product. The group now plans to use multi-angled forecasts and visualize budget data.


Pola Orbis Holdings chose IBM as its partner for deployment. IBM Japan had rich software expertise, in-depth financial knowledge, and global deployment experience. It helped to manage the project by using its deep experience in Oracle Cloud ERP and EPM implementations.


About the customer

Established in 2006, Pola Orbis Holdings is one of the largest cosmetic companies in Japan. The group expects further business growth from a diversification strategy, global expansion, and growing new business outside of existing product sales.