Securitas Direct quickly and accurately delivers with Oracle

Securitas Direct enhanced its customer service and increased business productivity using Oracle Field Service.


We increased our productivity and significantly improved our customer experience with Oracle Field Service Cloud Service. It is a solution with strong potential, and it gives Oracle a great opportunity to consolidate its leadership.

Ana Pilar Pérez del CuraCustomer Service Platform Manager IT, Securitas Direct

Business challenges

Securitas Direct Spain wanted to offer better customer service to help increase customer satisfaction. At the same time, it needed to improve business processes efficiency, expedite time to market, and increase productivity.

Another key challenge was to synchronize the existing in-house workforce management tool with a software-as-a-service system.

Why Securitas Direct Spain chose Oracle

After evaluating existing market solutions, Securitas Direct found that the Oracle Field Service solution was the one that best suited its needs to provide the highest quality of service and ensure the best experience for the company's customers.


After it implemented Oracle Field Service, Securitas Direct realized reduced time to process information from the field and helped deliver the company's versions and releases quicker, generating improvements in productivity, efficiency, and customer service.

Oracle not only gave Securitas Direct supportive data to identify when and where specialists were needed, but improved the field service process regarding traceability, control, and richness of functionalities.

Securitas Direct enhanced its customer service with new value-added services–including communication channel notifications and self-service appointment management–to ensure customers’ expectations were fulfilled in an efficient and timely manner.

In addition, the company upgraded its workforce management, reduced the level of in-house systems customization, and increased productivity with the best practices in workforce management offered by Oracle. Semiannual version releases guarantee Oracle Field Service will be continuously improved with new features and enhancements.


Securitas Direct implemented Oracle Field Service with support from Oracle Consulting. Oracle provided the functional and technical expertise needed for the product as well as consulting services to ensure that the new solution implemented was operating in a synchronized and timely manner. 

已发布:September 1, 2019