Intelligent Service in the Experience Economy

A peer learning event for customer service professionals, where leading CXOs share how intelligent service has helped reimagine customer experiences

28 January 2021

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Today, service managers must meet customer expectations and reduce costs while managing remote teams and employee safety. Learn how new digital technologies and access to data can help your service organization evolve to address new requirements.

Intelligent Service in 2021: What you ought to know, but were afraid to ask (25:24)

GenZ represent 38% of today's workforce and 40% of all purchasing power. Discover real insights on what makes them tick with examples of transformative customer service powered by automation, self-service and digital-first thinking.

Ernest Lu, VP – Customer Advocacy, Razer Inc
Jeff Wartgow, VP – Product Management, Oracle

The cX Factor: Create end-user experiences designed to wow (15:57)

Listen to how a CEO transforms his manpower intensive business to an outcome focused utility, directs the efficiencies to pay his staff 30% more than market and redefines an entire industry by obsessing over delivering the best customer experience.

Vernon Kwek, Chief Executive Officer, Primech A&P
Siva Ganeshanandan, General Manager, CX Applications, Oracle ASEAN

From High Touch to Zero Touch: Creating an Ecosystem of Relevance (15:36)

IndiaFirst operationalized a zero-touch customer journey in under 3 months. From delivering support remotely to automating claim submissions across channels, Anjana candidly shares 'the how' and her learnings in the pursuit of customer relevance.

Anjana Rao, Chief Strategy Officer, IndiaFirst Life Insurance
Rakesh Jaitly, Senior Sales Director – CX, Oracle India

Anatomy of a 90-day action plan: Transforming customer experience (13:23)

Learn new ways to accelerate along the path to success with a practical template for the rapid transformation of your service operations.

Paul Hourihane, Principal, CX Academy (RemarkAPAC)

Intelligent Service in the Experience Economy (24:35)

Explore how the role of customer service is evolving as organisations adapt to change. Listen to your peers from the C-suite share how they are creating competitive differentiation by balancing operational demands with the need to innovate.

Rob Tarkoff, Executive Vice President, Oracle CX and Data Cloud


  1. Oracle专指Oracle境外公司而非甲骨文中国。
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