Oracle 智能机器人

网播: 15 分钟了解会话式 AI
网播: 15 分钟了解会话式 AI


On-Demand Webcast: Automate Conversations with Chatbots

Build Conversational Interfaces for Your Business

    • Build a digital assistant in an hour with declarative, visual design tools

    • Use built-in machine learning to understand customer intent and maintain context

    • Provide a quick, easy way for users to enter in information with Instant Apps

Simplified Chatbot Development
    • Extend on premises, Oracle Cloud, and third party apps simultaneously using skills from one digital assistant

    • Gain insight into customer and bot performance with built-in, multichannel analytics

    • Pay only for what you use and scale on demand

Complete, Open Platform
    • Deploy on websites, popular messaging apps, and voice-based interfaces

    • Produce a rich experience with multimedia, card, and carousel layouts

    • Increase response rates through automation and engage customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Reach More Customers


Use Cases

Contact Centers
Contact Centers

Scale and automate repeated inquiries, allowing call staff to handle more complex requests.

Enterprise Bots
For Enterprises

Help employees complete self-service requests, recruit candidates, improve the sales process, and much more.

Consumer Bots
For Consumers

Use Oracle Digital Assistant to engage consumers in real time, with scalable and personalized conversations in the digital channel of their choice.

Oracle Digital Assistant

Quickly build simple chatbots and advanced digital assistants that let your customers engage in natural conversations with your business. Deployable on websites, mobile apps, messaging apps, and through voice interfaces, Oracle Digital Assistant extends and enhances the functionality of your back-end systems, delivering personalized and engaging experiences to each user.

Exelon 利用 AI 驱动的聊天机器人服务数百万客户
Exelon 利用 AI 驱动的聊天机器人服务数百万客户

首席架构师 Kumar Thakur 谈 Exelon 如何快速开发智能机器人,为美国东部的数百万消费者提供服务。

AuraPlayer 帮助纽约大都会运输署利用 AI 和聊天机器人与客户开展智能互动
AuraPlayer 帮助纽约大都会运输署利用 AI 和聊天机器人与客户开展智能互动

AuraPlayer CEO Mia Urman 谈如何利用聊天机器人帮助纽约大都会运输署更好地与员工以及客户进行互动。 利用聊天机器人实现了自然交互 利用聊天机器人实现了自然交互

Phil Gordon 创始人兼 CEO 谈 如何利用 Oracle 智能机器人轻松、个性化、随需应变地交付数据。

Accenture 展示创新型聊天机器人
Accenture 展示创新型聊天机器人

管理总监 Pat Sullivan 谈 Accenture 和 Oracle 如何利用 Oracle 云和 AI 技术打造创新型聊天机器人。


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