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Dear Hoteliers,
Hotel and casino doors are opening all around the world, but understandably things are, and need to be, different. We are all operating in a "new next".

Our industry needs to be reimagined to limit risk and ensure confidence in guests and staff that hotels and casinos are safe. Technology plays an important role in transforming business operations to make that happen.

In this issue, we offer global consumer insights on how hotels and casinos can best meet these challenges, learn how OPERA PMS solutions can enable transformation, and explore the growing ecosystem of partnerships that make it all possible.

We, as always, are here to help.

Oracle Hospitality
Navigating Hospitality’s New Next Webcast Series
Learn how Oracle Hospitality solutions can help…
Create a Touchless Hotel Guest Experience
July 29, 2020 11:30 am ET/8:30 am PT

Today's new next requires change in our industry. But this change is also an opportunity. Partnering with us helps you leverage technology to reimagine your hotel/casino operations to deliver a better, safer, touchless guest experience.
COVID-19 Resource Center
Research Report: A Data-Driven Look at Hospitality’s Recovery
by Oracle Hospitality and Skift Media
How should you adjust to thrive in this new next? We asked. People answered.
  • Gain insights on how you can get travelers back in your doors
  • Learn best practices from global leaders on recovery efforts
  • Discover how technology can help your guests and staff feel safer
Oracle Hospitality’s Road to Recovery Research
Igniting Innovations in Hospitality
We just completed Innovation Week, a collaborative event dedicated to accelerating the industry’s recovery and accommodating the rapidly evolving demand for low or contactless guest and employee interactions. The event offered an expedited pathway to integration with our solutions, offering hoteliers more choices in technology to help prepare for the new next. See what our partners had to say.
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