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Kingold uses Oracle Cloud to find new opportunities

The Chinese property developer is expanding its services and broadening its industry scope with the help of Oracle Autonomous Database.

INDUSTRY: Professional Services

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About the customer

Developing digital services

Kingold began as a real-estate development company, mainly in luxury properties, and it has since moved into other industries, including education, property management, services, and media. As the company expanded into other businesses, however, it built up data silos.

Kingold recognized that digital services will be key to its further expansion into lifestyle experiences, requiring that it pull data together from across its businesses, letting its people in marketing, sales, customer service, and other departments explore new ways to connect with customers.

Kingold is moving from primarily developing luxury properties to a broader mission of “helping people live exceptional lives.”

The data coming together has business meaning, and that allows us to first empower our people, and then also meet the goal of enriching our customers’ lives.
Steven Chang, CIO, Kingold

Customer Story

A shift in focus

To support its data-driven strategy, Kingold moved its IT architecture from an on-premise data center to Oracle Cloud in 2018. Now, the IT organization is managing 50 times more data with at least 70 percent less human capital, while delivering higher flexibility, scalability, and security.


Kingold’s combined use of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse and Oracle Analytics, running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, has revolutionized how the company approaches data for market intelligence. Relieved of database administration, the IT organization is now able to provide more strategic value by building an advanced analytical platform that organizes both internet and company data. Now business users are empowered to query pricing and other aspects of new and pre-owned homes in China’s major 17 cities, without needing to buy expensive external market reports.


Oracle Cloud portfolio

Oracle Autonomous Database

Oracle Analytics

Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse has reduced time to market for a typical data warehouse project from three months to three days, while delivering deeper and more actionable insights. Processing time for a mission-critical financial report was reduced from 12 minutes to 41 seconds.

If you just put everything in the cloud, you’ve done an OK job. But when you make the data work for you, and empower the people around you, that’s when you become a digital CIO.

Steven Chang, CIO, Kingold