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Oracle Cloud helps National Pharmacies put members first

National Pharmacies, a healthcare chain in South Australia, uses Oracle Transaction Processing and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse to explore new opportunities and put more resources toward innovation.

INDUSTRY: Healthcare
LOCATION: Australia

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About the customer

Improving the customer experience

National Pharmacies, a member-driven healthcare organization established in 1911, believes in keeping its customers healthy so they can enjoy life to its fullest.

To meet that goal, the company is using technology to better serve its 350,000 members. For example, pharmacists can now instantly call up all of a patient’s prescription information, allowing them to focus the conversation on a patient’s needs rather than on medical history details. National Pharmacies also rolled out phone-scannable QR codes to tailor in-store promotions to each customer.

National Pharmacies concentrates its IT budget on innovation that will lead to better patient outcomes.

For us it’s not just about each transaction; it’s about the life experiences and long-term relationship we have with each patient.
Ryan Klose, Executive General Manager, National Pharmacies

Customer Story

Faster innovation

To deliver new customer experiences, National Pharmacies relies on Oracle Cloud, which allows the chain to scale up compute capacity as needed. If a new promotion or app succeeds, the team can quickly move from 1,000 test customers to 100,000 or more by increasing cloud computing resources.

Oracle Cloud transforms IT operations with artificial intelligence to shift resources from administration to innovation. Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing updates sales and inventory information in real time to deliver the precise medicine to members and allows them to view their accounts online with greater accuracy and transparency. Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse integrates data from the company’s JD Edwards supply chain application to achieve faster insights. As a result of running these Oracle autonomous databases and applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, National Pharmacies has optimized inventory to better serve members by reducing out-of-stocks by tracking sales and responding to spikes, shifting or adding inventory accordingly, while cutting AU$7 million from working capital.

An important success factor was the highly collaborative relationship National Pharmacies built with DXC. National Pharmacies tapped into DXC’s capabilities to implement JD Edwards on Oracle Cloud, help standardize business processes, manage services for the cloud migration, offer post-go-live support, and enable innovation through digital transformation.

With confidence that its tech organization can quickly deliver deep insights and IT capacity, National Pharmacies is thinking bigger about rolling out new applications and ideas to members, says Ryan Klose, executive general manager.

Oracle Cloud portfolio

Oracle Autonomous Database

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

National Pharmacies was able to eliminate AU$7 million from inventory costs and cut out-of-stocks.

We chose Oracle Autonomous Database simply because we needed the ability to scale, with speed, and we need information more immediately.

Ryan Klose, Executive General Manager, National Pharmacies