Oracle Code One

Monday Keynote: Java’s Future In Focus

Learn what's new in Java 13 and get a look ahead at cutting-edge OpenJDK projects focused on improving developer productivity and performance.

Monday’s Highlights

Todd Sharp

How a Geek Dad Helps His Daughter Manage Diabetes

Oracle Cloud Engineer Todd Sharp built a smartphone app to calculate carb consumption and insulin doses using image recognition, a wireless food scale and nutritional data.

Code One Keynotes

Keynotes: Learn from Gurus of Software Development

Find out the latest on data science’s place at the intersection of emerging technologies, building intelligent cloud-native apps, gaming innovations and, of course, the future of Java.


GraalVM: A Major Focus at Oracle Code One

GraalVM is the subject of 29 sessions, two hands-on labs and a birds-of-a-feather talk. Our resident expert gives you his guide to all the great GraalVM options.

Groundbreakers Hub

Groundbreakers Hub: Take Note of New Location

Head to Moscone South Hall for Autonomous Database Arcade, Raspberry Pi supercomputer, and blockchain beer. Diversity Power Hour takes place at 10:30 Wednesday.


Code One Goes Broad and Deep on Java

Learn more about Oracle's technical stewardship and ecosystem utilization of the world’s most popular programming language and platform. Topics include modularity, value types, and memory usage.

Code One Activities and Resources

Special Events

CodeOne attendees can take advantage of movies, fitness and baseball; interact with pets; visit the Groundbreakers Hub; and even check out Oracle OpenWorld.

Oracle Cloud.Fest 19

Celebrate a great week while you listen to guitar virtuouso John Mayer and move to the hits of Florida-born rapper Flo Rida. It promises to be a performance you won’t forget.

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