Analysys Mason report: Survey results report on OSS closed-loop automation

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Without a modern operations architecture, maintaining quality of service at scale can be expensive and difficult to manage for operators. As a result, many CSPs are turning to closed-loop automation for network and service operations, as examined by analyst group, Analysys Mason. In their report, Analysys Mason surveyed enterprise-focused CSPs across 14 countries and found:

  • 65% of respondents reporting their processes will support closed-loop automation in the next 1-3 years.
  • 41% sited improving the customer experience as their primary objective.
  • Many service providers struggle with implementation due to legacy tools. 62% cited legacy applications adaptation are their greatest challenge to implementing closed-loop automation.
  • CSPs are looking for a single vendor to support their digital transformation efforts. 87% would prefer to work with the same vendor for all their work.

Download the full report from Analysys Mason for insights into how CSPs are addressing their network and service operations, and the current demand for closed-loop automation.