Fixing the disconnect between scheduling and project management

Gordon Marx, Product Marketing Director | August 4, 2022

Using applications that don’t talk to each other and collecting data in silos has traditionally been part of the status quo for project owners. Most systems were not interoperable, or delivery teams used solutions that had been cobbled together, but they didn’t create seamless or efficient operations.

One area of project delivery ripe for improvement is the traditional disconnects between project scheduling, document management, and process management.

A more connected approach, with automated exchange of key data, can bring much needed efficiencies, enabling teams to collaborate much more effectively and minimize the impact of change on costs and timelines.

For example, project outcomes can be improved by better connecting project scheduling with the management of “work packages,” or groups of related engineering and construction documents.

So if delivery teams have a specific piece of work with a related package of critical documents―submittals, drawings, specs, warranties, instructions, etc.―due dates and other information on these work packages can automatically be updated when changes are made to related project schedule activities.

See what’s possible with the Oracle Smart Construction Platform

Data doesn’t get lost in the shuffle, documentation is grouped together correctly, and the project schedule stays on track so teams can meet project milestones or make changes to the schedule if new factors arise.

These functions are supported by a highly configurable process management engine that helps facilitate end-to-end processes or workstreams across the entire project lifecycle.

Oracle Construction and Engineering is helping to solve this puzzle with the Smart Construction Platform.

Through our intelligent platform, teams can leverage scheduling and work package management capabilities seamlessly using one interoperable system.

Better connecting the team that oversees scheduling with the team that oversees on-site activities empowers everyone to collaborate more efficiently using capabilities within Oracle Primavera Cloud and Oracle Aconex.

Bringing these capabilities together is just part of how the Smart Construction Platform is helping owners and delivery teams work together and drive continuous improvement.

Ready to learn more?

Check out how new Oracle application integrations under the Smart Construction Platform improve forecasting, budgeting, and cashflow management, and stay tuned as we continue to share exciting updates.

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