Oracle and Front Porch Digital

#1 in Content Storage Management
#1 in Content Storage Management

Oracle’s Front Porch Digital seamlessly manages expanding and complex volumes of digital media content on-premises or in the cloud.


Oracle's Front Porch Digital is a proven leader in content storage management solutions for migrating, managing, and delivering media content.

Oracle Storage Solutions

Oracle’s acquisition of Front Porch Digital reunites the company with Oracle StorageTek, providing for a robust end-to-end hardware and software solution.

Companies in the media and entertainment (M&E) industry have had to contend with the challenges of big-data storage and management long before such a concept was recognized in the enterprise technology landscape. For more than a decade, Front Porch Digital’s pioneering, award-winning products have been helping customers manage growing complexity and expanding archives.

In late 2014, Oracle acquired Front Porch Digital, a leading provider of content storage management (CSM) solutions that help companies migrate, manage, and monetize large-scale media assets. Front Porch Digital was launched as a spin-off from StorageTek in 2000. Fifteen years later, the company has joined Oracle’s Systems group to form a new business unit, reuniting with an Oracle division that is associated with the original concept of Front Porch Digital’s flagship DIVArchive CSM solutions.

Front Porch Digital’s unique capabilities complement Oracle’s engineered storage offerings. Combining these innovative technologies will deliver best-of-breed solutions to help customers—not only in M&E but across various vertical markets—to efficiently manage the migration, integration, storage, and delivery of rich-media content.

Enhanced Customer Investment and Increase in Innovation and Scale

Oracle has a long tradition of R&D investments and a strong commitment to innovation. With Oracle’s acquisition of Front Porch Digital, customers can expect an increase in investment and accelerated innovation to provide the performance, scalability, and flexibility that they need to exploit their rich-media assets. Building on many years of successful partnership between Oracle and Front Porch Digital, Oracle will leverage its comprehensive and integrated technology stack across Front Porch Digital’s application portfolio in planning future product direction and building out a roadmap. Customers also will now have access to a much broader set of offerings not previously available to them.

DIVA Content Storage Management Solutions


DIVArchive seamlessly integrates with third-party storage devices, media asset management systems, editing platforms, playout servers, and other media and enterprise systems.

Front Porch Digital’s DIVA family of products is the global leader in CSM solutions that simplify complex workflows inherent with managing large-scale media assets. One of the major strengths of the DIVArchive system is the level of integrations that are available with third-party storage devices, media asset management (MAM) systems, editing platforms, playout servers, and other media and enterprise systems. In addition to ensuring that DIVA solutions maintain a technology-agnostic profile, Oracle is investing in additional devices and platforms to enrich and strengthen these integrations, irrespective of the varied environments they serve.

SAMMA Migration Products

The Emmy Award-winning SAMMA migration solution is an integral part of Front Porch Digital's product offerings and is an important element of Oracle’s future media solutions strategy. SAMMA products have helped media and entertainment, education, government, and preservation organizations around the globe migrate their legacy film and videotape assets to digital for preservation and collaboration. Oracle is committed to ensuring SAMMA maintains its market leadership for migration and preservation of analog assets.

LYNX Cloud-Based Content Storage Management


With LYNX offered as a service, customers are able to take full advantage of all the features that make DIVArchive the leading solution for migrating, managing, and marketing their content.

Through rapid innovation, Front Porch Digital launched LYNX, an enterprise-grade, private-cloud solution that is based on market-leading DIVA CMS solutions. Oracle has made significant investments in cloud, and the LYNX platform will leverage and benefit from Oracle’s broader cloud infrastructure. Oracle’s geographically distributed data center network will expand and enhance the LYNX cloud offering, providing customers enterprise-class reliability and flexibility with feature-rich content storage management provided by DIVArchive.

Front Porch Digital has a long and successful history with demanding customers who drive an innovative and fast-paced industry. Integrating with Oracle’s broad set of offerings will facilitate increased investment and rapid innovation to continue serving all markets that manage rich-media assets while being inundated with unstructured big data.

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