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Have questions about transitioning your services from Dyn to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)? We have answers to most of your questions. Browse through the answers below to find what you’re looking for. And if you’re ready, sign up for your OCI account here and start leveraging the best-in-class DNS, Web Application Security and Email Delivery services within OCI.

This FAQ is for Dyn’s E-commerce customers. If you are an Enterprise customer, please go here.

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  • What is happening and when?

    Please be reminded that Dyn was acquired by Oracle in 2016. Press release can be found here.

    Since the acquisition, the engineering teams have been working diligently to integrate Dyn’s legacy core products and network into the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) platform as native services. Consumers can now leverage the best-in-class DNS services within OCI. As a result, all Dyn legacy services purchased online (e.g. are targeted to be retired on May 31, 2020 with the exception of Remote Access and Domain Registration.

  • Why should I move my DNS to OCI?

    While the Dyn legacy, standalone product will no longer be available, there are many benefits in purchasing your DNS services through OCI, which may include:

    • Significantly reduced cost for OCI DNS services compared to legacy Dyn DNS services
      • List price for straight DNS is $0.85 per 1M queries
      • List price for Traffic Management is $4.00 per 1M queries
      • No additional charges for number of zones
      • No overage charge premiums. Billing is typically based on consumption. If you don’t use it, you don’t pay for it!
    • Access to an anycast network
    • Access to features not available in Dyn Standard DNS or Managed DNS Express
      • DNS Traffic Management including Failover, Load Balancing and Geolocation, IP Prefix and ASN Steering
      • Modern API with multi-language SDK/CLI (Java, Go, Python, Ruby)
      • Pre-made Terraform templates to ease automation and orchestration
      • Access to full IaaS portfolio from a single console, API, and Identity system
    • Access to platform features not available in legacy Dyn services including:
      • Resource tagging, audit logging, integrated billing and resource management, SAML and federated authentication, fine grain access and authorization controls, resource search, cross service telemetry and logging
  • I’m a Dyn Standard DNS or Express DNS customer, what do I need to do?

    Prior to May 31, 2020, there are several actions you will need to take to ensure no service disruption. We have documented the steps required for you to move your services to OCI.

    If you’re a Dyn Standard DNS customer, follow the steps documented here or watch video.

    If you’re a Dyn Express DNS customer and minimal downtime is acceptable, follow the steps documented here to migrate your services to OCI.

    If you’re a Dyn Express DNS customer and downtime is not acceptable, please check back with us in August when we are planning on having a migration tool available to help avoid downtime.

  • I’m a Remote Access (DNS Pro, Dynamic DNS, DynDNS) customer, what do I need to do?

    The Remote Access product is still available for Dynamic DNS service. You can still purchase and manage your Remote Access service here: This service will remain a stand alone service in Oracle's offering.

  • I thought the announcement said DDNS service was not available?

    While DDNS service will not be offered in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s DNS service, Remote Access is still available here:

  • How do I know if my services are being End Of Life'd?

    If you log into and look under “My Services”, if you see “Pro” there is nothing for you to do, your Remote Access service will continue without change. If you see "Standard DNS" follow these instructions: If you see “Managed DNS Express”, follow these instructions: If you have a Domain Registration, there is nothing for you to do.

  • What if I’ve paid for a service past May 31, 2020?

    If you are a Standard DNS, Managed DNS Express or Email Delivery Express customer and would like to request a refund for the portion of your unused service beyond the 5/31/2020 date, you can log into portal under “My Services”, click on the service you want to cancel and click the “request cancellation” link. Your refund will be the unused portion of your service past 5/31/2020, and will be refunded at that time.

  • Does OCI have complete feature parity to my Dyn service?

    Oracle’s HTTP Redirect service, which is planned to be released fall of 2019, will have feature parity with Dyn HTTP Direct. However, Dynamic DNS (DDNS) will not have an equivalent service on OCI.

  • Why is Dynamic (DDNS) not being offered in OCI?

    Security is the main reason for not allowing DDNS updater clients to connect into OCI’s infrastructure.

    For those that rely on updater clients that are built in to a device, Oracle cannot change those devices so they will continue to point to the legacy Dyn platforms for the Remote Access product. You can use the Remote Access product and use a DNS service to create a CNAME that points to the Remote Access name servers. If you use OCI, instructions are here to create a CNAME

    For those using Dynamic-DNS with the Standard DNS and have a router or other device that sends updates to Dyn automatically, you can change to the Remote Access product. You can keep you same account, and the updates from your device will continue to work. To change your Standard service to Remote Access, login to your account at Go to My Services page and look at the ZONE LEVEL SERVICES. Find your active Dyn Standard DNS Service link(s) and click it. Click the “request refund” link to get a refund for the unused portion of your Standard DNS subscription.

    Click on the DynDNS Pro/hosts link on the left hand column. Click on the ADD Pro link and go through the shopping cart workflow. You can learn more about setup of Remote Access here:

    For those customers needing a custom domain name for their DDNS service, you will need to create a CNAME in your new DNS service pointing to the hostname of your Remote Access service.

    CNAME – A CNAME is a special type of DNS record used to create an alias from one hostname to another. For example, if we say “ is a CNAME to” that means that someone accessing will be pointed to the same IP address that points to. This is useful so that when your IP address changes, you only have to update’s entry, and automatically points to the right place.

    For example, you want to use as your domain name and is your Remote Access host name. The CNAME of your domain ( will point to the hostname of your Remote Access service (

    You can use OCI DNS service to create your CNAME record. Sign in here: to get started using OCI DNS.

  • I was an early free Dyn user and donator and had historically received no-cost services for life. Why do I have to pay?

    We truly appreciate your support throughout the years. While we are discontinuing the availability of services received at no-cost, you may be surprised by how affordable the DNS service is within OCI along with outstanding capabilities with this service. If you are interested in moving to a new provider, here is an article on the 10 best free DNS services to help you choose:

  • How do I manage my Dyn Standard, Express, Secondary DNS and Remote Access account?

    You can still manage your account here:

  • My router has built in connectivity with Remote Access, will I still be able to use it?

    Yes, Remote Access will continue to be offered from Oracle on the portal.

  • What’s going to happen with my Domain Name registered through Dyn’s legacy platform (e.g.

    OCI is not currently offering Domain Name registration management. Your domains will remain on the Dyn legacy platform

  • Do I need to migrate?

    Yes. Other than Remote Access, the rest of Dyn’s legacy e-commerce services are being retired in favor of OCI’s next generation platform with all the great benefits we’ve listed above. Please ensure that your transition to OCI or another service provider is complete on or before May 31, 2020. At that time, we plan to retire the Dyn legacy services and no further access will be available.

  • Once I move my services to OCI, will there be a change in the way I access customer support?