Create your OCI Tenancy and Migrate to OCI DNS!

This guide provides information on replicating Dyn HTTP redirects. After importing the zone file (obtained from Dyn) into Oracle Cloud Infrastructure DNS, any Dyn HTTP redirect services that the zone was leveraging needs to be re-created using the OCI HTTP Redirect service. The following example shows an apex of a zone with an HTTP redirect service deployed on it.

Dyn HTTP Redirects

The following is an example of how the apex of the same zone looks imported into OCI DNS. Note that the two Dyn A records are still present. You need to go through the process of replacing the HTTP Dyn redirect with the OCI HTTP Redirect service prior to delegation.

Dyn HTTP Redirects

Replacing a Dyn Redirect with OCI HTTP Redirect

Note: This process needs to be performed for each HTTP redirect.

  • After the zone is imported into OCI, delete two Dyn HTTP redirect A records off the hostname, and then publish the zone. Note that deleting the records in OCI does not impact the Dyn redirect that is currently in production in Dyn Managed DNS.
  • After the publish has taken place, you can re-create the HTTP redirect service using OCI HTTP Redirects.
  • For instructions on creating HTTP redirects, see Managing HTTP Redirects.