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This guide helps you to use the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure zone migration tool to migrate your DNS zone from Dyn Managed DNS to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. For more information about the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure service, see Overview of the DNS Service. If you are a Dyn Standard DNS customer, see Transfer Dyn Standard DNS to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure zone migration tool only allows the direct transfer of DNS zones that do not have advanced services attached to them, such as Traffic Director or HTTP redirects. If advanced services are not disconnected from a zone, the zone will remain in Dyn Managed DNS.

Services that will stop your zones from being transferred to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure include:
  • Traffic Director
  • Traffic Manager
  • Active failover
  • HTTP redirect
  • TSIG authentication
  • DNSSEC records
  • External nameservers
  • Dynamic DNS
Additionally, zones with unpublished changes cannot be migrated. For information on how to publish changes to your zone, see Publish Your Zone.

Create or Update Credentials for an API User in Dyn Managed DNS

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure requires READ access to your DNS zones in Dyn Managed DNS. If your account already contains a user with API read permissions and you have the user’s credentials, skip to the Migrate Zones section of this guide.

  1. Log into your Dyn Managed DNS account.
  2. Click Manage Account then select Manage Users from the drop-down menu.
  3. Read permissions can either be added to an existing API user or an API user can be created with read permissions.

  4. Existing user:

    1. Select an existing user from the list of users.
    2. Click Advanced User Permissions.
    3. From the Permissions list, expand the Zones & Records list of permissions, then set the ZoneGet and OCIMigrate permissions to Yes.
    4. Click Save.
    5. Note the customer name, and username.
    6. If you do not know the API password for this user, you will need to reset the user’s API password. To do this, click Edit in the Details section of the Manage Users window.
    7. Enter a new password into the Password field, then retype the password into the Retype Password field.
    8. Click Save [API username]. Note the new password.

    Create a new API user:

    1. Click the Create User button.
    2. Enter a new username and password into the User Information fields.
    3. Enter the user's contact nickname, first name, last name, phone number, and email address into the Contact Information fields. These fields are required to add a new API user.
    4. Click Add New User. Your new API user is created.
    5. Note the customer name, API username password, and password for the newly created user.
    6. Click Advanced User Permissions.
    7. From the Permissions list, expand the Zones & Records list of permissions, then set the ZoneGet and OCIMigrate permissions to Yes.
    8. Click Save. The new user account now has permissions to migrate zones to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Migrate Zones

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure features the ability to migrate your zones using an automated tool.

Prerequisites: The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure user migrating the zones must have permissions to manage zones. If your user account does not have permissions, please ensure that your administrator of your account adds the following policy to your user group: ‘Allow group <group name> to manage dns-zones in compartment <managedcompartmentforpaas>’. For more information about the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure IAM service, see How Policies Work. For specific DNS policy details, see Details for the DNS Service.

  1. Log into the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console.
  2. Open the navigation menu. Under Core Infrastructure, go to Networking and click DNS Zone Management.
  3. Click Migrate Zones.
  4. In the Provider field, select Dyn Managed DNS.
  5. Enter the Dyn API user credentials you noted in the previous section of this guide into the Dyn Managed DNS API Customer NameDyn Managed DNS API User Name, and Dyn Managed DNS API Password fields.

    Note: The Dyn API Customer Name can be found on your Dyn account’s Overview page in the Customer Account Info section.

  6. Click Next.
  7. A list of your zones will be populated. If no zones appear, it is possible the API read permissions for your API user have not been set up correctly. See the prior section, Create or Update Credentials for an API User in Dyn Managed DNS, to ensure that your permissions have been set up correctly.
  8. Indicate which zones you would like to migrate by adding and removing checkmarks beside each zone.

    Note: This list is not indicative of what zones are capable of being migrated. If a zone still has advanced features attached to it, the zone will fail to migrate. It is recommend to uncheck boxes beside zones that utilize advanced features.

  9. Click Migrate Zones.
  10. Accept the Terms and Conditions of the zone migration and click Migrate Zones. Your zones will be migrated to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Replicating Dyn Managed DNS Advanced Features in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure does not allow the migration of zones using advanced features in Dyn Managed DNS, but certain features can be replicated in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Use the following guides to replicate applicable services.