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This guide shows you how to migrate your DNS zone from Dyn Managed DNS to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. For more information about the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure service, see Overview of the DNS Service. If you are a Dyn Standard DNS customer, see Transfer Dyn Standard DNS to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

If you don’t have an account with Oracle, you can create one for free by signing up for an OCI trial account. If you have any questions on the process, please reach out to our dedicated migrations team at

How to Migrate Zones

If you are ready to migrate to OCI, you currently have two options available to migrate your Dyn Managed DNS records into your OCI DNS account.

  • Automatic migration from Dyn Managed DNS to OCI DNS using service API’s (script provided)
  • Manually upload your Dyn Managed DNS zonefile into OCI DNS (directions provided)

Automated Migration

Please contact where our Migration Team is happy to discuss options for migrating to OCI, including providing the most up to date automated migration tool, based on your unique requirements. Please note, we do not currently support automated migration of Advanced Services.

Manual Migration

The following instructions are not recommended for use for accounts with large numbers of zones, or complex Advanced Services requirements. Please reach out to our Migrations team if you have any questions regarding your migrations options or with issues retrieving your Dyn zonefile by emailing

The first step in your migration process from Dyn Managed DNS to OCI DNS is to export a copy of the zone file from Managed DNS.

  1. Click View Reports in Dyn Managed DNS.  In the Zone Graphs and Reports section, all zones are listed alphabetically.
  2. Click on the Zone File link to download the zone file for the desired zone. Your zone file is saved as a text file. 

  3. Dyn Zone Graphs and Reports

Next, import the zone file you just downloaded into OCI.

Upload the Zone File to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure DNS

  1. Log into the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console at
  2. Open the navigation menu. Under Core Infrastructure, go to Networking and click DNS Zone Management.

    Dyn Zone Management

  3. Click Create Zone.
  4. In the Create Zone dialog box, select Import from the Method drop-down menu.

    Import from the Method

  5. Drag and drop, select, or paste a valid zone file into the Import Zone File window. The zone is imported as a primary zone.
  6. Click Submit.

The system creates and publishes the zone, complete with the necessary SOA and NS records.

Additional OCI documentation on this subject can be found at

Validate Zones

It's best pratice to validate that any zone created within OCI and ensure that it is functioning as expected before delagating production traffic. A helpful OCI Blog Post on this subject is called Testing OCI DNS and Traffic Management steering policies before migration.

Delegate the Zone

  1. Open the navigation menu. Under Core Infrastructure, go to Networking and click DNS Zone Management.
  2. Click the Zone Name you want to delegate. Zone details and a list of records appear.
  3. Use the Type sort filter to locate the NS records for your zone.
  4. Note the nameservers in the RDATA field within each NS record.
    You can use the noted nameservers to change your domain DNS delegation.

Note: Prior to delegation, ensure that you replicate Dyn HTTP redirects, Dyn Active Failover, Traffic Management, or Traffic Director with the OCI equivalent.

Replicating Dyn Managed DNS Advanced Features in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure does not allow the migration of zones using advanced features in Dyn Managed DNS, but certain features can be replicated in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Use the following guides to replicate applicable services.

Related OCI Documentation:

To learn more about the advantanges of traffic management within OCI, please see our Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Traffic Management documentation.


We are working hard to add the features you expect from your DNS service. Please review the following list for upcoming feature not yet available on OCI DNS.

  • External Nameservers
  • Secondary DNS status notifications
  • Zone Publish notifications
  • Advanced Services notification for monitoring agent changes

*Dynamic DNS update support is only available using our Dyn Remote Access service in conjunction with your OCI DNS services at this time.

Don't know if you are using these features, or have questions on when they will be available? Contact our Migrations team who is happy to help you understand your best options and timelines for migration to OCI:

Find out which advanced features you have in your account:

  1. Log into your Dyn Managed DNS account.
  2. Click View Reports on the menu bar.
  3. Click Services Report.

This will generate a list of advanced features and the zones associated with them.

Cancel Dyn Managed DNS Service (enterprise accounts)

You can cancel your Dyn Managed DNS enterprise account by emailing Please provide your Tenancy OCID in the email. For more information, see Where do I find my Tenancy OCID?


Cancel Dyn Managed DNS Express Service

The Dyn Managed DNS Express service can be cancelled by logging into your account at with your eCommerce username and password.

  1. Under My Account, click My Services.
  2. Next to Managed DNS Express, click View.
  3. Click Request Cancellation.