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Oracle Excellence Awards—Winners
Proactive Support Champion

Proactive Support Champion

Debbie Garavito
Proactive Support Champion

Debbie Garavito, CIO Enterprise Information Technology

Debbie Garavito, CIO Enterprise Information Technology, leads the database team at Wells Fargo where she's spearheading the bank's DB consolidation project.

Her outstanding proactive leadership includes:

  • Consistent use of proactive tools for database diagnostics and certification
  • Driving Support Best Practices adoption to mitigate risk including use of RDA, OSWatcher, and CRS Diagnostics
  • Leading Wells Fargo’s Exadata deployment for Mortgage, Lending and Retail Banking – reducing SRs by over 40% on a monthly basis
Alexander Khokhlov
Proactive Support Champion

Alexander Khokhlov, Database and Engineered Systems Division, VTB Group

Alexander Khokhlov heads the Database and Engineered Systems Division of the VTB Group. VTB 24, a subsidiary of the VTB Group, is the second largest bank in Russia and the largest user of Engineered Systems in the country with 19 systems in production and growing.

Alexander's leadership has been all about being proactive, including:

  • Working to leverage PUMA for database migrations to 12c
  • Requiring mandatory MOS accreditation for all technical personnel
  • Using OCM for fault prevention through regular healthchecks
  • Implementing Platinum Services on all 19 engineered systems – making VTB Group the fourth largest Platinum customer in the world!
David Dvorak
Proactive Support Champion

David Dvorak, Service Delivery Manager, Cerner

As a Service Delivery Manager at Cerner, David Dvorak is the consummate advocate of proactive tools and ensures that his team takes full advantage of them. Through David’s efforts, Cerner has:

  • Saved approximately 1-2 FTE/month in patching efforts with nearly zero downtime via Platinum Services
  • Reduced their average time to recovery of issues, saving 10-20 hours/month of SR involvement via Automated Service Request (ASR)
  • Avoided incidents where DB was the root cause by running Exachecks to ensure a high quality environment
  • Leveraged MOS remote webcasts reducing his company training related expenses and offering the Cerner team ultimate flexibility to upskill
  • Proactively deployed tools such as OSWatcher, Procwatcher, OCM and configurations to their servers saving approximately 30-60 minutes per SR
ICICI Bank Limited
Proactive Support Champion

ICICI Bank Limited

ICICI Bank Limited has implemented the following proactive initiatives and taken advantage of all the benefits Proactive has to offer:

  • Oracle Accreditation: 17 System Administrators accredited who are now able to better leverage MOS resources and to articulate issue descriptions to SR owners
  • Proactive Analysis Center: automated components like Operational Risk Index and Explorer Data Collector for 157 mission critical hosts. ICICI Bank receives monthly PAC reports for all critical systems reducing manual efforts required to collect and upload data
  • Secure File Transfer Server: expedited and more reliable data uploads
  • Ops Center for monitoring 700 Solaris instances and OEM to monitor and manage software
  • 98% Systems configured on Auto Service Request enabling 31% of SRs to be logged automatically via ASR
  • 100% (11) Systems live on Platinum; completed one round of Proactive Patching for all engineered systems resulting in 80% reduction of Severity 1 SRs

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