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Black History Month


Traci Wade and Colleen Cassity

Diversity and inclusion matters

It’s a commitment to the equal treatment of everyone. Traci Wade of Oracle Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) practices this commitment every day. In this conversation with Colleen Cassity, Wade shares her thoughts on Oracle’s D&I priorities, the role it plays within corporate citizenship, and how we all can be better allies to our coworkers.

Change requires sustained effort

Change requires sustained effort

Companies such as Oracle are working to evolve workplace culture—from the policymakers at the top to the employees on the front lines.

Johnny Hill

“HBCUs are the bedrock of advancement for African Americans, changing the trajectory of lives that continues to uplift generations that follow.”

How Oracle works with HBCUs

Tech equity: How Oracle works with HBCUs to diversify the technology industry

To ensure a place for Black talent in the technology industry, Oracle is partnering with HBCUs to promote both the talent and demand for Black skills: First by investing in students and then by recruiting the talent from HBCUs to build a diversity of voices into the company’s workforce.

Evan Goldberg

“Our partnership with HBCUs brings diversity in representation as well as diversity of thought, in turn driving innovation.”

A film, a cookout, a conversation: Helping make racial justice a ‘movement, not a moment’

A film, a cookout, a conversation: Helping make racial justice a ‘movement, not a moment’

In the BLM summer of 2020, an Oracle vice president invited a multiracial group to his home, where they watched and discussed the documentary film, Black Boys, which examines what it’s like to grow up Black and male in America, training its lens on race, sports, education, and criminal justice.

George Ploss

“At the end of the day, we’re all trying to solve the same problems, just from different perspectives.”

Rob Tarkoff

“Oracle seeks to engage and empower future talent. Our HBCU partnerships assist with successfully identifying, cultivating, and hiring talent who can grow and become our future leaders.”

Maria Kaval

“Our partnership with HBCUs brings an incredible wealth of talent. At Oracle, everyone has a seat at the table. A diversity of ideas makes us thrive.”

Raina Yancey

“As a community leader for our Alliance of Black Leaders for Excellence (ABLE), I use my lessons and experiences to encourage, uplift, and empower others just as my village did for me.”

Andre Alfred

“I’m currently running a large engineering organization where I’m able to apply my MBA and IT management skills to build world-class systems for Oracle.”

Tilden Chima

“As a black, gay man who graduated top of his class, working out and proud as an engineer in one of the most prestigious companies in the tech industry, I am essentially a unicorn. Stories like mine are often not told.”

Downs Deerings

“HBCUs are a source of excellence and cultural pride to the Black community. The talent is there, the time is now to engage with and hire from HBCUs to ensure Oracle’s future success.”