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Employee profiles

Christian Reyes Hernandez

Christian, Applications Engineer

"Imagine my surprise that I'm now in charge of writing the software that powers the business I was part of growing up.”

Growing up, Fusion Apps engineer Cristian Reyes Hernandez, had no idea that helping out with and observing his family’s business was preparing him to secure a role at Oracle later on down the line.

"My parents owned a trucking business. My dad moved inventory between warehouses throughout California and my mom was his dispatcher keeping track of documentation.”

Trucking inventory isn’t the only industry Cristian gained valuable experiences from, however, as following his father’s passing, he decided to spend time putting in shifts at a warehouse.

Fast forward a few years and Cristian can’t believe that he now works day to day on the other end of the production line, “Imagine my surprise that I’m now in charge of writing the software that powers the business I was a part of growing up. Things like the Bill of Lading, the warehouse process I did at Amazon, are all elements I help shape and form now—talk about coming full circle!”


Kalyn, Software Engineer

“I enjoyed my internship so much I returned full-time after I graduated.”

Kalyn joined us as a summer intern while she was studying at the California Institute of Technology. After she graduated, she joined us full-time as a software engineer. She feels her time as an intern set her up for the coding work she’s doing now.

“During my internship, I helped develop a tool for our sales team to size customer requirements, and wrote a product requirements document for an internal tool after gathering feedback from users and competitive analysis,” she says.

She credits our strong learning culture with her continued growth. “We do technical trainings as a team and take turns presenting cool technologies and concepts. My team is also sponsoring me to take an online UX design course. I picked the topic and my manager approved it!”


Corliss, Sales

“I love seeing a customer’s excitement when they realize the difference we can make for their organization.”

It’s not many people who can say that at the age of 24, they were leading a bi-coastal team of 14 for an international technology company. Corliss began her journey with Oracle in 2015 when she joined our Class Of program.

“I didn’t realize just how much investment Oracle puts into their employees until I went through the Class Of program myself,” the sales professional admits. “Even back then I was allowed travel to customers and get real exposure. I don’t think I would have gotten that in many other companies at my age.”

Having blazed her trail as a people manager, Corliss has since made the decision to return to field sales. She now uses her people management experience to advise customers about our Human Capital Management solutions. “It’s been very cool to work directly with businesses and field executives and be able to say, ‘hey, this is what Oracle’s product looks like and this is how we can actually impact a large organization likes yours,” Corliss shares.


Skye, Solution Engineer

“Oracle supported my vision at every turn which has given me confidence in myself, and my career.”

Skye is a solution engineer who joined Oracle through our Class Of engineering program. Through her work she got inspired about new ways to connect data sources and put emerging technologies to work. So, when she read an article claiming that tech companies weren’t doing nearly enough to help stop human trafficking, she had an idea.

“It started with a concept demonstration that brought together facial recognition, geospatial mapping, and natural language processing to identify victims and track patterns of trafficking rings. Now, it’s a movement.”

Skye’s pivotal contribution to this worldwide issue has given rise to a new non-profit: Hubs for Humanity, a passionate group of cloud engineers who are building technology solutions to solve global issues. She encourages any passionate engineer looking to create customer-facing solutions to consider joining Oracle Class Of, “Oracle supported my vision at every turn, which has given me confidence in myself and my career.”


Landry, Software Engineer

“My manager is so supportive of my work that it gives me the drive to perform even better.”

Landry’s a third year PhD student in electrical engineering. He connected with Oracle at a conference for the National Society of Black Engineers and is now one of our first virtual interns.

“At first when the internship was moved to the virtual format due to the pandemic, I was a bit nervous. But I was so lucky to have very amazing people on my team and we connected really well. My manager and mentor are so cool and so supportive of my work, and this gives me the confidence and drive to perform even better.”

Landry feels he’s getting the same meaningful, hands-on experience he set out to. “My experience as an intern so far has been really satisfying. Mostly because I got to work on a real-life project that aligned with my PhD research interest, but also because of the immense support I get from my mentors and manager.”


Caroline, Oracle NetSuite

“I knew I wanted to apply here when I found out how committed Oracle is to sustainability.”

While Caroline was searching for a graduate program that could set her up for a successful sales career, she came across Oracle’s Sustainability Report on LinkedIn. “I saw that Oracle possessed a huge commitment to sustainability which helped me decide between Oracle and other companies.”

Caroline joined Oracle NetSuite’s Business Development Representative Program as a social impact representative. It was a wonderful way for her to sync up her career with her passion for social change. “NetSuite has an initiative that supports non-profits of all sizes. We actually donate software to mom-and-pop non-profits,” she explains. “I’ve been part of the team that volunteers to help those organizations.”

She has since been promoted to a managerial position but is still making time to help our company do more in the sustainability space. “I’m very involved in advancing our company’s environmentally friendly practices and making sure our environmental footprint is as small as possible.”

Marissa Martinez

Marissa, Marketing Specialist

"My experience as an Oracle Corporate Scholar with UNCF helped me find a seat at the table."

Growing up, Marissa had big aspirations to be the first in her family to attend college. When she succesfully got into the University of Texas at Austin, she set her sights on a new goal.

“Joining a company that champions diversity was one of my top priorities,” she shares. “I needed to feel that I would truly be supported to enact real change and work on meaningful projects. I knew that Oracle could offer the challenge I craved after discovering the Oracle Scholars Program and partnership with UNCF.”

Marissa’s summer internship at Oracle earned her an academic scholarship for the upcoming year, and has since turned into the full-time career she dreamed of. “My internship experience was so much more than I could have imagined. I hope to continue to encourage and mentor low-income, minority, and first-generation students to aspire for goals bigger than they thought possible.”


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