Oracle Environmental Policy

Oracle Corporation ("Oracle") is a global company that designs, produces and markets computer software and hardware, and provides sales, consulting, education and training in the application and use of its products. Oracle is committed to meeting the needs of our customers, including helping our customers use information technology to meet environmental challenges.

Taking account of our business needs, customer requirements and the desire to minimize adverse impacts on the environment, we maintain our facilities, run our business operations and develop products in a responsible manner. Oracle’s primary environmental impacts relate to: the company’s own energy consumption as well as the energy consumption of its hardware products; the disposition of its hardware products at the end of their useful life; vendor and supply chain management; business travel; and the consumption of natural resources through its own activities and its procurement processes. Oracle, with the cooperation of its employees, customers, contractors and suppliers, is committed to environmental management through:

  • Participating in efforts to improve environmental protection and the sharing of appropriate knowledge, methods and working practices;
  • Monitoring and continually improving performance to help protect the environment, including pollution prevention;
  • Managing the consumption of energy, water, paper and other resources used by Oracle in its day-to-day operations;
  • Identifying opportunities to divert, minimize, reuse and recycle our waste stream;
  • Incorporating environmental considerations into procurement processes;
  • Considering environmental issues when leasing or purchasing property;
  • Promoting staff adoption of alternative and sustainable commuter transport options;
  • Striving to reduce business travel and promote alternatives wherever practicable;
  • Keeping our internal and external stakeholders informed about Oracle’s environment, health and safety performance;
  • Working with our customers to develop software and hardware offerings to help our customer base manage their own environmental challenges;
  • Committing to comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations, as well as other standards to which Oracle subscribes;
  • Educating our employees about the steps Oracle is taking to help protect the environment and providing channels for employees to contribute to our efforts;
  • Requesting that employees report any instances of noncompliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations and conducting appropriate follow-up.

Oracle is committed to the successful implementation of this policy. To achieve results, Oracle develops and monitors short- and long-term environmental objectives.

Oracle’s Environmental Steering Committee (the "ESC") is responsible for the implementation and oversight of this policy. The ESC, which is comprised of senior employees from Oracle’s various business units, meets regularly to review Oracle’s progress and status on environmental issues and makes recommendations related to this policy and other environmental initiatives. Representatives of the ESC provide regular updates and reports to the CEO of Oracle.

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