Oracle Volunteers—North America

Oracle Volunteers

More Than 58,000 Hours Donated in North America

In FY16 and FY17, 23,434 Oracle employees in North America contributed 58,312 volunteer hours, supporting more than 430 organizations.


  • Mountain View, California: Oracle Volunteers joined forces with the Computer History Museum to help students explore the basics of computer programming and encourage them to pursue STEM studies and careers.
  • Lauderhill, Florida: Oracle Volunteers mentored students from Lauderhill 6–12 STEM-MED School in Broward County through preparation for various computer science competitions.
  • Queens, New York: Oracle Volunteers worked alongside Maker Education Initiative staff at the World Maker Faire in Queens, New York. Volunteers showcased educational projects, answered questions, and handed out educational materials.


  • Boulder, Colorado: Oracle Volunteers helped Eco-Cycle repair broken appliances, toys, and electronics at the Boulder U-Fix-It Clinic, an event aimed at helping community members repair broken items and prevent those items from entering landfills.
  • Draper, Utah: Oracle Volunteers teamed up with Utah Open Lands to remove invasive non-native thistles and plant native grasses and wildflowers as part of the restoration effort at Galena/Soónkahni Preserve.
  • Hillsboro, Oregon: In partnership with Hillsboro Parks and Recreation, Oracle Volunteers adopted Orchard Park, clearing invasive plants, removing litter, and much more.


  • Reston, Virginia: 50 Oracle Volunteers worked with Kids in Need During the Holidays to assist less advantaged families and children. They raised funds and donated more than US$60,000 worth of gifts, toys, clothing, and food to 280 families in need.
  • Redwood Shores, California: Oracle Volunteers helped My New Red Shoes prepare gift boxes of school shoes for less advantaged students, so they could start the new school year feeling good.
  • Manor, Texas: In support of Scare for a Cure’s mission to mentor youth and foster community service throughout Central Texas, Oracle Volunteers helped design, build, and decorate a scary haunted house. Proceeds from the project were donated to local cancer charities.
Wildlife Associates background
Wildlife Associates
Helping Our Friends at Wildlife Associates: California, USA

No one can paint fences faster than 22 Oracle Volunteers. Thank you, Wildlife Associates, for hosting us and for teaching us about the importance of our furry friends and the environment.

—Stephanie Wong, Oracle Volunteer
Building Gingerbread Houses background
Building Gingerbread Houses
Building Gingerbread Houses: California, USA

It was an incredibly rewarding and fun experience to spend time alongside other Oracle Volunteers while building gingerbread houses with children at the Mid-Peninsula Boys & Girls Club.

—Eli Sinaiko, Oracle Volunteer
Design_Code_Build background
Design_Code_Build: California, USA

It’s an honor working with Oracle Volunteers to bring technology education to youngsters who might not get that kind of exposure in school. Thanks, Oracle!

—Mike Lance, Project Leader
Local Park in Oregon background
Local Park in Oregon
Adopting a Local Park: Oregon, USA

Volunteering is hard work, but it’s always a wonderful experience. We would love to volunteer again!

—Sarah Ni, Project Leader
World Maker Faire background
World Maker Faire
Helping at World Maker Faire: New York, USA

We enjoyed speaking with the students and giving advice to educators about finding resources on the Maker education website.

—Jenny Wongtangswad, Oracle Volunteer

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