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Compare Oracle Marketing Cloud to Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Request a live demo to see why Oracle provides a better solution than Salesforce Marketing Cloud (formerly ExactTarget). Find out how Oracle Marketing Cloud delivers modern marketing innovations in cross-channel, content, and social marketing with data management so you can create ideal customers.

  Oracle Marketing Cloud Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Email Marketing NOW Now
Social Marketing NOW Now
Mobile Marketing NOW Now
Web Marketing NOW Now
Marketing App Ecosystem NOW Limited
Marketing Automation NOW Limited
Predictive Analytics NOW Limited
Content Marketing NOW No
Display Advertising NOW No
Data Management Platform NOW No

Why Oracle Marketing Cloud is better:

  1. Email Marketing—Nurturing Higher Quality Leads

    Email marketing alone can't deliver quality leads to sales. However, email marketing, when integrated with lead nurturing, can give you great visibility into which offers resonate with which segments. Oracle Marketing Cloud helps you get better results from your email marketing campaigns.

  2. Social Marketing—Social Listening, Targeting, and Publishing

    Most companies invest in a social presence because they have to. Would you like to truly measure the impact of social media on your lead generation efforts? Oracle Social Marketing is integrated to Oracle Marketing Cloud, so you can track your prospects across the lifecycle. Convert fans, likes, and eyeballs into measurable revenue.

  3. Creating Ideal Customers

    Creating Ideal Customers
    Personalize every experience to increase engagement, advocacy, and revenue.

  4. Content Marketing—Delivering Content in Context

    Provide specific content to each prospect at each step in the sales cycle. Only the Oracle Marketing Cloud gives you integrated content marketing to manage and publish content across multiple personas and channels throughout the customer lifecycle. Increase engagement and improve lead quality, while turning prospects into customers and customers into advocates.

  5. Marketing Automation—Personalized Lead Generation and Nurturing

    For many companies, delivering personalized 1:1 marketing across email, web, social, mobile, events, and advertising is a pipe dream. But this is achievable with Oracle Marketing Cloud. Engage with millions of prospects, know your buyers, and drive revenue.

  6. Paid Media Management—Integrating Owned, Earned, and Paid Media

    Most companies realize they need owned, earned, and paid media channels in order to effectively communicate with their customers. For the first time, you can use display ads to target relevant content directly to an individual as one part of an integrated marketing campaign.

  7. Digital Body Language—Reading and Responding to Buyer Behavior

    Understanding and acting on your buyer's digital signals—on websites, social media, email campaigns, and any other channel—is the key to personalized 1:1 marketing. Only Oracle Marketing Cloud has Digital Body Language. Now you can tailor your content and offers to each person's unique interests as revealed by online behaviors.

  8. Modern Marketing Tour

    Attend the Modern Marketing Tour
    Join us for a free full-day event for marketers to share ideas and network.

  9. Campaign Management—Easy Campaign Development and Management

    Oracle Marketing Cloud gives you an easy-to-use Campaign Canvas, a centralized console for simple drag-and-drop campaign development. Campaign Canvas provides the flexibility to build campaigns to meet your unique business needs. And you can do it all without lengthy (or even short) IT projects!

  10. Marketing AppCloud—Extended Application Functionality

    Do you need to extend digital marketing functionality with dozens of partner applications like channel marketing, webinars, social media, event management, and supplemental data sources? With Oracle Marketing AppCloud, you can connect and automate previously disconnected marketing tools while future-proofing your marketing technology platform.

  11. Marketing Analytics—Campaign ROI and Pipeline Reports

    Can you truly explain the ROI from marketing? With Oracle Marketing Cloud, you get business intelligence on investment, pipeline, leads, and revenue so you can easily manage your marketing effectiveness and impact on the bottom line.

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