Oracle Social Cloud vs. Salesforce Social Cloud Comparison

Salesforce Social Cloud vs. Oracle Social Cloud
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Compare Oracle Social Cloud to Salesforce Marketing Cloud

By integrating two of Oracle's powerful social products—Social Marketing (SM) and Social Engagement & Monitoring (SE&M)—Oracle Social Relationship Management delivers the industry’s first unified and integrated social platform.

  Oracle Social Cloud Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Listening Accuracy NOW Limited
Social Intent Indicators NOW Limited
Language Support NOW Limited
Integrated Solution NOW Not Available
Integrations with Business Applications NOW Limited
Ease of Use NOW Limited
Social Commerce NOW Not Available
Advanced Analytics NOW Limited
Integrated Workflow NOW Limited
Paid Media Management NOW Limited

Make Your Enterprise a Social Enterprise—with Oracle Social Cloud

Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM), an Oracle Social Cloud business solution, is the industry's first unified social platform that delivers a seamless experience across listening, engagement, content creation, community management, and the all-important analysis of a company's social media efforts.

And it’s far superior to Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Here's why:

  1. Listening: Accuracy
    Do you want reams of reports of tweets, comments and status updates—or would you like to get a series of logically grouped "conversation buckets" that you can refine, expand or drill into? We thought so. Oracle Social Cloud represents social content in a way that your social analysts will truly become social mavens.
  2. Social Intent Indicators
    Do you want to understand the intent behind every single social message talking about your brand, product or services? We give your social analysts the capability to put everything in context—and understand, who is likely to defect and why.
  3. Global Language and Data Support
    We know most brands have global and local needs. The Oracle Social Cloud UI (including Social Marketing and Social Engagement) is available in 31 languages. And with partners, you can extend text analysis in each of those languages as well. We support 11+ languages and growing for advanced listening capabilities. And we have global feeds from more than 40 million sites with access to 700 million messages per day.
  4. Integrated Solution: Listening, Engaging, and Social Marketing
    You struggle to ensure brand consistency across multiple markets and languages. We bring this to you natively. With Oracle Social cloud you have a single social platform, one content structure, and one button to click. So you can maximize the ROI on your marketing content and fine tune it based on global response.
  5. Integrations with Business Applications
    Do you want to ensure your social efforts have tangible impact on sales, marketing and customer service? Now you can. Oracle Social Cloud is integrated with Oracle Commerce, Oracle Marketing Cloud, Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Sales Cloud. Now, working harder actually empowers great business results.
  6. Ease of Use
    Unless you have a PhD in nuclear physics, you will probably have to create and modify listening topics several times before you truly understand what is going on. Oracle Social Cloud makes it easy—so you can focus on analysis, and not have to worry about complicated streams, columns and PhD level Boolean equations.
  7. Social Commerce
    Have you thought about using the Facebook store? We know it can drive a lot of traffic into your eCommerce store! We thought of that—and integrated Oracle Commerce with Oracle Social Cloud so you have a consistent user experience for your social targets. Now that's going to earn you a Like!
  8. Advanced Analytics
    Do you want to get advanced metrics to convince your management that they need to manage their social assets better? Are you worried that your competitors have better share of voice? You will love our analytics.
  9. Integrated Workflow
    You know that you need an integrated workflow across your social publishing and social engagement functions. That way, you can listen to your customers talk and adjust your message accordingly. We have a fully integrated and comprehensive workflow so you can be nimble with your social presence.
  10. Paid Media Management—Integrating Owned, Earned, and Paid Media
    Most companies realize they need owned, earned, and paid media channels in order to effectively communicate with their customers. The Oracle SRM has an open API-based paid media offering allowing customers to quickly identify content that needs to be amplified via mobile—providing more collaboration between owned and earned and the paid sides.

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