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Application Development Day


Are you able to innovate, develop and deploy quickly in a world that is moving faster than ever? Is your organization leveraging the benefits of cloud development?

Join Oracle to hear from development experts about best practices for the design, development, management and deployment of applications. Learn how Oracle customers were able to adopt new technologies and practices to accelerate innovation through their cloud and on-premise applications.

With interactive sessions and hands-on labs, the Oracle Application Development Day offers:

  • Full day session with deep-dive product demos
  • Overview of application development focusing on DevOps, modern development practices with Blockchain, Serverless, Microservices, Mobile, Chatbots, AI/ML.
  • Hands on workshop with Container Pipelines, Docker and Kubernetes
  • Each attendee will receive an exclusive $500 free trial for Oracle Cloud

Please bring your own laptop for this event!

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San Francisco, CA
January 10, 2019

Orlando, FL
February 7, 2019