Oracle Spokespeople—Asia Pacific

Oracle Spokespeople

Asia-Pacific Spokespeople

Regional and Country Executives

  • Roger Li

    Senior Vice President and Managing Director, Oracle China

  • Frank Obermeier

    Senior Vice President for Technology for Japan, Australia, and New Zealand; Member of the Board, President, and CEO, Oracle Japan

  • Karen Yip

    Vice President and Regional Managing Director, Oracle Hong Kong and Taiwan

Alliances and Channels

  • Casey Poon

    Senior Vice President, Alliances and Channels, Oracle Asia Pacific



  • Adrian Johnston

    Vice President, Oracle Cloud (SaaS) Applications, Oracle Asia Pacific


Systems and Technology

  • Chris Chelliah

    Group Vice President and Chief Architect, Core Technology and Cloud, Oracle Asia Pacific

  • Chung Heng Han

    Senior Vice President, Systems, Oracle Asia Pacific