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Oracle Executive Biography
Joyce Westerdahl

Joyce Westerdahl

Executive Vice President, Human Resources, Oracle


Joyce Westerdahl is leading Oracle HR’s cloud transformation to ensure that business leaders and more than 135,000 employees are enabled to achieve Oracle’s mission to be the number one cloud company in the world. Since taking the lead of Oracle HR in 2000, she has continuously implemented a roadmap of progressive HR modernization initiatives intended to keep Oracle at the leading edge of technology innovation.

In 1999, Westerdahl led the effort to convert HR management from manual processing to a web-based, self-service model, increasing organizational agility. In 2000, she continued the HR transformation taking Oracle from multiple instances to a global, single instance of the HR information system (HRIS), which vastly streamlined HR processes and reporting, and ensured the company could deliver on its robust acquisition strategy. Since 2005, Oracle HR has integrated more than 100 acquisitions.

Westerdahl continues to transform HR by leveraging Oracle HCM Cloud technology to provide better visibility, utilization, and development of the company’s talent pool; more insightful analytics to drive informed business decisions; improve the impact of compensation models; and more effectively recruit, hire, and onboard the right talent. The latest effort in the modernization of Oracle HR is moving self-service transactions to a more user-oriented experience and taking advantage of the continuous product innovation cycle in Oracle HCM Cloud.

Westerdahl joined Oracle in 1990 and has held positions in both line and corporate HR. She is passionate about sharing best practices and frequently speaks with customers and partners about Oracle HR’s journey and the results that continue to transform the HR organization and the business. She has participated for more than 15 years as a mentor for young women and contributes her time to helping students gain industry-relevant skills prior to entering the workforce through Oracle Academy and the Oracle Education Foundation. She is also the executive director for the Oracle Women’s Leadership program (OWL).