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Oracle Big Data SQL

Article: Oracle Big Data SQL

Integrate Big Data into Enterprise IT



New Technology Bridges Oracle, Hadoop, and NoSQL Data Stores

By Margaret Harrist

  • Access Big Data Anywhere With a Single SQL Query

    Use a single SQL query to access data in Hadoop and your data warehouse. (4 slides)

  • Minimize Big Data Movement and Run Queries Faster

    Process data locally to reduce data movement and speed your queries.

  • Govern and Secure Big Data for the Enterprise

    Extend enterprise-class security to Hardtop data.

  • Big Data: Make Use of New Insights Faster

    Integrate Hadoop data with your existing applications.

Big data’s great potential has been touted for years. For many organizations, however, the challenge to making their big data vision a reality is that their ability to collect data has gotten far ahead of their ability to use it.

One of the hurdles is that an enterprise’s data is typically scattered across departments, systems, and regions, and much of what is collected is of low or unknown value. Vast quantities of this data are now stored in Apache Hadoop, which makes it possible to store and process huge amounts of data at low cost. Other data is housed in relational and NoSQL databases.

The holy grail of big data strategy is to be able to easily leverage the information in all of these data stores to get a deeper, richer, and far more valuable view of customers, business processes, and opportunities. But Hadoop programmers are in short supply, so many organizations don’t have the skills they need to leverage Hadoop data. And it’s not feasible to move all of that data to a single data store; the cost and the security issues are prohibitive.

A New, Comprehensive Approach

Oracle Big Data SQL

Learn how Oracle Big Data SQL enables you to use a single query to quickly and securely access your distributed data.

Oracle Big Data SQL breaks down those silos by leveraging Oracle SQL to enable you to get the insights you need with the skills you already have. Designed to be used with Oracle Big Data Appliance and Oracle Exadata Database Machine, Oracle Big Data SQL lets you use SQL queries to seamlessly access data stored in Hadoop, relational databases, and NoSQL stores.

While there is currently an industry trend to access big data with SQL in an attempt to deal with the lack of Hadoop expertise, only Oracle Big Data SQL enables you to run very complex SQL statements to more clearly pinpoint trends and gain insights. And that’s only the beginning.

Oracle Big Data SQL includes Oracle Exadata technology to provide lightning-fast access to data, which gives organizations a competitive edge in today’s real-time business environment.

It also enables you to easily integrate that data with existing applications and systems, so you can quickly analyze and make full use of all of that valuable information.

And it ensures that the appropriate security policies are in place for all of the data being managed.

Fast, Integrated, Secure Big Data

Oracle Big Data SQL and Big Data Data Sheet

See how Oracle Big Data SQL and Oracle Big Data Appliance can help your organization gain better insight faster.

Oracle Big Data SQL enables organizations to get the utmost value from data by providing easy, secure access and ensuring that big data systems are integrated with existing enterprise information architectures. You can then quickly leverage big data into reports or applications using existing interfaces.

In addition to simplified access and integration, Oracle Big Data SQL uses some of the proven high-performance technology of Oracle Exadata and the industry-leading security features of Oracle Database to provide super fast speed and enterprise-class security across all of your data stores.

Leveraging Oracle Exadata Smart Scan technology, Oracle’s Smart Scan on Hadoop processes SQL queries at the Hadoop storage level where data is located, scans the data, and brings back only the relevant data to the end user. Less data moved means faster results—and speed is critical when leveraging big data for real-time innovations in marketing, business process improvements, and more.

For example, imagine a SQL query about the relationship between sales (data stored in a relational database) and Twitter data related to customer sentiment toward a brand in a specific geographic location (data stored in Hadoop). Oracle’s Smart Scan on Hadoop quickly returns only the data you need from the massive data stores in the Hadoop file system—a very small percentage of the entire dataset.

“By having Smart Scan on Hadoop, you have cut the amount of data you otherwise would have moved by 99 percent,” explains Paul Sonderegger, big data strategist at Oracle.

On the security front, Oracle Big Data SQL extends the advanced security capabilities of the Oracle database to Hadoop and NoSQL data. With Oracle Big Data SQL, you can take advantage of proven Oracle Database security solutions for data redaction and privilege analysis, with strong controls that limit privileged user access to data.

Oracle Big Data SQL offers the simplest way to access and secure the wealth of data across an enterprise and leverage existing applications and systems to make the most of big data.

In addition to Oracle Big Data SQL, Oracle provides a suite of software and hardware to help you get more value from big data by enabling better and more meaningful analysis, including Oracle Big Data Appliance, Oracle NoSQL Database, Oracle Big Data Connectors, Oracle Exadata Database Machine, and Oracle Exalytics.

Oracle Big Data SQL is now generally available. 

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