Oracle Hospitality Workstation Innovation

Oracle MICROS Workstation 6

Modernizing Guest
Experiences with Oracle
MICROS Workstation 6

By Carol Hildebrand


Sleek design delivers digital innovation for guests and staff.

Oracle is announcing Oracle MICROS Workstation 6, a next-generation digital engagement device designed to deliver service and workforce innovation across the hospitality and retail industries.

“People want a different guest experience today,” says Ray Carlin, vice president of product strategy for Oracle’s hospitality group. “They expect immediate, contextual responses to their questions and that requires transparent information access for hospitality staff.”

Oracle MICROS Workstation 6

The Oracle MICROS Workstation 6 includes a high-definition, wide-screen LCD with multitouch performance.

By rebuilding guest experience strategies around technologies like mobile, cloud, and social media, in concert with systems like Oracle MICROS Workstation 6, Carlin says that hospitality businesses can provide the personalized guest experience customers now demand. The trick is to use the devices as part of an integrated strategy built around content delivery, moving such systems well past their origins as point-of-sale devices.

In fact, Carlin sees the Oracle MICROS Workstation 6 as the vanguard of a new category of device that serves as a centralized content delivery vehicle to drive better guest engagement, from a hostess station in a restaurant to the front desk of a hotel to a retail location.

“These devices offer more than one-purpose transactional vehicles,” says Carlin. “Instead, they are designed as an aggregation point to deliver digital content to both staff and guests, from showing a training video to a new worker to helping a guest view a train schedule.”

The Oracle MICROS Workstation 6 expands Oracle’s MICROS integrated family of engagement devices, which also includes Oracle’s MICROS E-Series tablets in 8-inch and 11-inch sizes. “It allows us to leverage our deep industry hardware legacy while bringing the elegance and capabilities found in today’s tablets and interfaces,” says Carlin.

Most importantly, the integrated design and user experiences give hospitality and retail workers a consistent content delivery system across multiple access devices, with tablets and workstations specifically designed for the rigors of these environments.

Oracle Hospitality

The combination of Oracle and MICROS is helping to accelerate the hospitality industry’s move to digital.

In particular, look for innovation in the following areas:

Sleek Design and Targeted Technology. The all-in-one design of the workstation includes a high-definition, wide-screen LCD with multitouch performance. “It’s not only sleek and beautiful, but it ties into the look and feel of our tablets to give an identical user experience across the board—not just to workers, but to guests as well,” says Carlin. That unified experience extends to the operating system, the Microsoft Windows Embedded 8.1 Industry Pro operating system, which showcases the clean, modern style of Windows 8 applications. Oracle MICROS Workstation 6 runs on the latest Intel Atom processor for high performance and low thermal output, and features a modular, integrated three-track magnetic card reader that is capable of 3DES or AES encryption at the swipe. Finally, the elegant design includes six USB ports, allowing companies to attach peripherals such as scanners and cash drawers.

Consolidated Digital Content Delivery. Oracle MICROS Workstation 6 lets hospitality and retail workers use one system to access and share content from disparate sources with both guests and staff. “This is where the elegance is particularly meaningful,” says Carlin. “You can flip the screen around at a hotel desk to show your guest a train schedule, but you can also give your employees better access to information they need. And with an embedded operating system, security is ensured.”

Trademark Reliability. Like its earlier versions, the workstation is tailored to withstand the rigors common in hospitality and retail environments. It has no moving parts, for long-lasting durability, and the thermally bonded processor dissipates heat, allowing for passive cooling. Finally, it’s spill resistant and withstands a wide range of temperatures.

Increasingly, hospitality and retail companies need more from their POS devices, and the new Oracle MICROS workstation will help companies move confidently into a digital world. “Not only is it dependable, attractive, and versatile, but it delivers superior performance and reliability for your busy environment,” says Carlin.

“With Oracle hardware solutions and software working together, you are ensured an easy and more seamless implementation experience,” says Carlin.

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