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Oracle Leads Data Management Innovations

Oracle Leads Data Management Innovations, Keeping Your Business “On” Anywhere, All the Time

Whether you are managing your data on site or in the cloud, Oracle Database Cloud delivers the most comprehensive industry leading database solution for any size enterprise. Oracle’s data management architecture comes from nearly four decades of innovations and proven at thousands of mission-critical operations. The Oracle Database Cloud hybrid design gives you full control and flexibility to easily and seamlessly migrate your data and applications to the cloud. The unmatched simplicity and automation allows you to leverage the same skills, use the same software, same database, same management solution for both on-site and in the cloud. Managing the most valuable asset of your company, your data, has never been more secured and more cost effective with Oracle.

How much is your business worth an hour?

Business availability is critical for both your business and your customers. Whether planned or unplanned, downtime is a very expensive endeavor for many organizations. With Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), critical business functions continue seamlessly. Oracle RAC ensures your database remains functional and your customers continue to be able to access data. Database maintenance operations can be completed without downtime and are transparent to the end user, therefore no disruption to your business. Oracle RAC is the only database solution providing performance availability on the market today. Whether on-site or in the cloud Oracle Real Application Clusters keeps your business operations “always-on”.

Part of keeping the business running, Oracle Database Cloud also delivers real-time data protection. With Oracle Active Data Guard, you can ensure zero data loss disaster recovery (DR) across any distance without impacting your database performance for both on-premises or in the cloud. Any needed repair to the database can be done without disrupting your business and also saves on network bandwidth without any additional special purpose network devices. Data management with Oracle Database Cloud is a proven platform with integrated high availability and data protection to deliver reliable, secure, business continuity you can count on.

This combination of technology ensures business continuity, lower risks at the same time help you to be in full control of your data availability…anywhere.

Comprehensive 360d[degree] Security

With Oracle, keeping your data secured goes beyond simply encrypting data for at rest and in motion states. Data protection is built in directly into the Oracle Database. This design enables the highest levels of both security and performance, therefore no compromises to your business. With Oracle data management, security is designed with a vision of a layered defense-in-depth approach. From advanced database activity sensitive data discovery to active fine-grained monitoring and threat detection to data masking to reduce risk of exposing sensitive information. Data Management with Oracle delivers the most comprehensive security to protect your company’s most valuable asset your data any where, all the time.

Make Smarter Business Decisions with Breakthrough Analytics Performance

Oracle Database Cloud is engineered to power today's demanding computing needs, from massive transactional systems to data warehouses and data marts to enterprise clouds. Only Oracle Database In-Memory brings breakthrough analytical performance to enable businesses to make real-time decisions rapidly and easily for on-site or cloud-based operations. Oracle Database In-Memory is designed to “fit” into your business seamlessly. No application changes needed. No disruption to your business.

Oracle Database In-Memory enables real-time analytics on live transactional data. With Oracle, performance optimizations are built in for both transactions and analytics. Oracle is an active leader in delivering performance proof by publishing benchmarks against other industry solutions. In the most recent benchmarks published, Oracle Database 12c runs SAP applications 2x faster than SAP HANA.

Unmatched Scale and Extreme Performance Anywhere

Oracle Exadata and Oracle Exadata Cloud Service deliver the same proven extreme performance and unrivaled optimized infrastructure to both on-premises and on the cloud data management. While other cloud vendors claim enterprise scale and performance, the Oracle Exadata Service is the only cloud service whose underlying architecture has been proven at thousands businesses powering the most mission-critical operations.

Oracle Exadata Cloud Service offers instant access to world’s most powerful database platform in the cloud, including all of the Oracle Database options. With Exadata Cloud Service, you can extend your existing data center to the cloud or migrate to the cloud quickly and seamlessly. Oracle’s hybrid cloud design ensures Exadata Cloud Service is 100% compatible with on-premises Oracle databases and all existing applications, using familiar management tools and automated cloud utilities. Expand your business, innovate more quickly and scale your operation to any size any where.

Engineered for Cost Savings and Simplicity

As many organizations grow, data continues to grow resulting in data sprawl. The Oracle Multitenant option enables customers to easily consolidate multiple databases, without changing their applications. This new architecture delivers all the benefits of managing many databases as one, yet retains the isolation and resource prioritization of separate databases. With database consolidation made simple, companies can realize further savings on infrastructure and management costs for both on site and in the cloud.

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