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Oracle Database High-Availability Technology

Introducing the Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance

Introducing the Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance

By Jeff Erickson


Ultimate Data Protection for Always-On Business

Today’s enterprise applications work around the clock, yet the vital records they keep are typically backed up only once a day—a risky situation that can result in data loss if there’s an outage or other mishap. It’s an approach that no longer works for the modern enterprise. Who wants to explain to a customer, or the head of finance, that you’ve lost even one bit of their data?

Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance infographic

Analysts predict 50x data growth by 2020. Learn how to meet the challenge without losing data.

A new engineered system, Oracle’s Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance, offers an unparalleled approach to database protection—one that virtually eliminates data loss and backup overhead while delivering cloud-ready scalability.

The Recovery Appliance is a groundbreaking system that can protect thousands of databases and provide continuous real-time backup from system memory, so data can be recovered up to the last sub-second.

“Our new data protection strategy eliminates a decades-long paradigm that no longer meets enterprise needs,” says Ashish Ray, vice president of product management for Oracle Database high-availability products. “It’s unthinkable that businesses today still lose volumes of critical data between backups. With the Recovery Appliance, data loss exposure is virtually eliminated, as the appliance captures all database changes in real time.”

For IT teams, this shift from full backups to continuous data protection eliminates hours of tedious work during the week or on weekends. In addition, most data protection tasks can be fully automated so IT can focus on other important responsibilities—such as helping the company innovate and save money.

A Database Protection Private Cloud

Oracle’s Recovery Appliance will provide much-needed data protection assurance for any business, and it’s especially helpful for companies with recent acquisitions or fragmented IT islands.

  • Unparalleled Data Protection

    A superior approach to Oracle database protection that eliminates data loss and enables recovery to any point in time. (4 slides)

  • No More Backup Overhead

    Continuous incremental backup automatically captures real-time database changes—without impacting production performance.

  • Cloud-Scale Protection

    Enables database protection as a service that scales up and out to protect thousands of databases.

  • End-to-End Visibility and Control

    Provides complete data protection management for all databases–from data creation to tape archival–from a single interface.

“The Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance is designed from the ground up to maximize Oracle Database protection for any environment,” says Ray. “It’s a massively scalable solution that can help large organizations centralize database protection with a single logical system.” Companies can now consolidate backup islands and move to a much more efficient shared-service model.

Does this sound like a database protection cloud? It is. Oracle’s revolutionary new system helps IT deliver centralized database protection as a service. Now, each business unit can have elastic access to Recovery Appliance resources that scale up or out as needed.

“Another downside to traditional, large-batch database backup is that it slows down websites and business applications when customers and employees really need to use them,” says Ray. With the Recovery Appliance, continuous lightweight backup from memory ensures that application performance won’t suffer.

What’s more, complex backup activities, like compression and data validation, are offloaded from production machines and efficiently run on the appliance. “Now,” says Ray, “monthly reports and data analytics don’t have to be scheduled around backup windows.”

Increased Visibility and Confidence

Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance data sheet

Learn about Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance.

For IT managers and CIOs, data protection visibility is vastly improved with Oracle’s Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance. Dashboards on a single console show real-time, end-to-end data protection processes for all databases across the business. “When asked if all the databases on all systems are backed up, the CIO can answer ‘yes’ with total confidence,” says Ray.

That is what Oracle’s Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance delivers—levels of data protection visibility, control, and assurance that were never before possible. Now IT teams can meet the expectations of demanding customers and internal users by focusing their resources on increasing value and innovation, not on recovering lost data. 

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