Tips for License Management

IT Asset Management Tips

Oracle recognizes that our Customers and Partners can find themselves in a position where they do not have adequate visibility of their IT asset deployment, usage or entitlements. Below we have provided are some practical suggestions on how you can implement asset management in your organization. Oracle License Management Services are able to assist you in each of these steps, should you require.

1. Understand Your Contract Entitlement

  • Your usage rights and warranties for using Oracle are incorporated into your contract entitlements and license agreement. If you are unable to locate your contract entitlements and license agreement, please seek assistance from Oracle or the Oracle Partner who sold to you.
  • Review your Oracle contract entitlements and license agreement to understand the specifics of the terms and conditions. Please contact Oracle if you need help with this process.
  • If you are an Oracle Partner, ensure that your membership is up to date, and that you regularly review the Oracle Partner Network website for updates, news, training, and events.
  • Stay up to date with Oracle's policies and business practices by regularly checking the Oracle website at Oracle provides many resources on the website that will be of assistance to you. These include information on specialty licensing related topics and the latest pricelists.

2. Understand Your Oracle IT Asset Usage

  • Document and maintain a complete list of all applications and programs in use as well as details of your hardware environment throughout your organization. Changes to your hardware environment could impact your licensing levels so it is essential to keep track of these.
  • Develop a user management process that accurately tracks the life cycle of Oracle users, from the time they are first provided access to Oracle based systems, to when they leave the organization. Maintaining an accurate count of Oracle users and what Oracle systems they have access to, is a key component in successfully managing your Oracle deployment.
  • Perform regular usage measurements across the company and develop procedures where individual Oracle users are required to report usage statistics. These usage statistics should then be consolidated.

3. Implement IT Asset Tracking and Review Processes

  • Define IT Asset access and deployment tracking procedures.
  • Designate a single point of contact in the company who is responsible for understanding contract entitlements and comparing actual usage to the rights granted through your contract entitlements.
  • Communicate and educate Oracle users on licensed rights and limitations as defined in the contract and license entitlements.
  • Performing active and regular reviews of your Oracle IT Asset deployment.

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