Data-Driven for Extreme Performance


Data-Driven for Extreme Performance

In 2017, Bermuda will host the 35th America’s Cup, the world’s premier sailing competition. ORACLE TEAM USA is again betting on technology to help them claim victory.

1,000 Points of Data

1,000 Points of Data

ORACLE TEAM USA optimizes ship design and sailing performance by collecting real-time data, using hundreds of sensors on its yachts and crew.

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Big Data for the Win

Big Data for the Win

ORACLE TEAM USA uses Oracle technology to store and crunch the gigabytes of information captured during each practice, trial run, and race.

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Analytics for Performance

Analytics for Performance

Equipped with the data captured in practice runs and races, ORACLE TEAM USA employs next-generation analytics to discover new ways of driving team performance.

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Extreme Athletic Performance

Extreme Athletic Performance

A modern race team demands a new kind of training. ORACLE TEAM USA trains by combining analytics with workout regimes to ensure maximum crew health.

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Mapping the Wind

Mapping the Wind

After months of training on the Bermuda race course, ORACLE TEAM USA has analyzed weather data to map wind patterns and plot optimal race playbooks.

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