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Oracle Introduces Oracle Analytics Cloud

The most comprehensive analytics offering in the cloud, combining business intelligence, big data analytics, and embedded SaaS analytics. Available today.

Oracle OpenWorld, San Francisco—Sep 29, 2014

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With rapid adoption of software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, accumulation of data at unprecedented rates, and growing preference for cloud-based IT deployments, data gravity is moving to the cloud. With that shift, cloud-based analytics has become paramount. Until now, however, analytics technology in the cloud and analytics for cloud-based data have been delivered piecemeal, with significant gaps. Oracle today announced Oracle Analytics Cloud, a comprehensive portfolio of analytics offerings built for the cloud; deployed in the cloud; and enabling data analysis for cloud, on-premises, traditional, and big data sources.

News Facts

Oracle Analytics Cloud

 With today's announcement, Oracle is first to fulfill a gap in the market, offering Oracle Analytics Cloud, a comprehensive portfolio of analytics offerings with millions of users already leveraging it. 

—Balaji Yelamanchili, Senior Vice President, Analytics and Performance Management Products, Oracle

  • Oracle Analytics Cloud is a comprehensive offering that delivers business intelligence and analytics for traditional data and big data.
  • Cloud-resident technologies enable the collection, storage, preparation, and analysis of all the data assets of an organization.
  • Prebuilt analytic applications provide embedded real-time reporting and deep cross-functional analysis for a range of SaaS applications.
  • Oracle Analytics Cloud meets the needs of line-of-business users, data scientists, and IT.
  • Mobile access and analysis is provided out of the box, so customers can access and analyze insights anytime, anywhere, with no additional development required.
  • Oracle partners can leverage Oracle Analytics Cloud to deliver a vast range of analytic functionality for their clients, opening up new revenue streams.
  • The offering also frees up valuable IT resources, enabling them to ensure security and maintain control over their information architecture.
  • Built on proven, industry-leading Oracle Business Intelligence and database technologies and the Oracle Cloud infrastructure, Oracle Analytics Cloud delivers massive scalability, high availability, state of the art security, operational simplicity, and elastic scaling.
  • Oracle Analytics Cloud includes:

    Business intelligence as a service

    • Based on Oracle's proven BI technology, Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service (Oracle BI Cloud Service) is optimized for the cloud and empowers users to combine data from diverse sources—including cloud, on-premises, and third-party applications—to quickly create rich, interactive analytic applications.
    • Oracle BI Cloud Service is a subscription-based cloud offering that allows customers to rapidly deliver analytics to small groups, business departments, or the entire organization, with no capital costs.
    • Oracle BI Cloud Service allows users of all technical skill levels to quickly and easily create meaningful analytic applications by providing a platform that is quick to start, easy to adopt, mobile, and flexible.

    Embedded transactional analytics for line-of-business SaaS users

    • Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence embeds analytics in Oracle SaaS applications, providing reports and analysis in real time. Coverage includes Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud, Oracle Customer Experience (CX) Cloud, and Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud.
    • Completely integrated within the SaaS applications, Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence automatically extends and adapts reporting anytime the underlying applications are configured. It automatically integrates with security roles of the source applications.
    • Built for line-of-business users, Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence delivers analysis via interactive dashboards, packaged KPIs, and alerts to desktop and mobile devices.
    • More than 2 million business users regularly use Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence coupled to their Oracle SaaS applications today.

    Deep, cross-source analytics for line-of-business SaaS users

    • Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence Enterprise brings the power of data warehouse analytics and prebuilt analytic applications to the cloud.
    • Modeled after Oracle’s BI applications, which have been adopted by 4,000 companies worldwide, Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence Enterprise brings together customer, sales, marketing, finance, supply chain, and other data together for a consistent, cross-enterprise view.
    • Built for line-of-business users, Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence Enterprise delivers analysis via interactive dashboards, packaged KPIs, and alerts to desktop and mobile devices.
    • In addition to out-of-box support for Oracle SaaS and on-premises applications, Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence Enterprise can be extended to third-party sources, providing a single, cloud-based mechanism to analyze any data.

    Big data as a service

    • Oracle Big Data Cloud Service enables customers to store, analyze, and process vast amounts of data using the Hadoop framework on a secure, elastic, managed, and easy-to-use infrastructure platform that integrates with other Oracle Cloud services.
    • Customers may choose Oracle Big Data Cloud Service deployed on either Oracle Compute Cloud Service and Oracle Storage Cloud Service, or on Oracle Exadata and Oracle Big Data Appliance, providing a range of performance, quality of service, and cost options.
    • Leveraging Oracle Big Data SQL, Hadoop, and Oracle Database as a Service together is the basis for an integrated big data management and analysis capability.

    Big data discovery as a service

    • Enabling easy data wrangling and analysis of Big Data on Hadoop, Oracle Big Data Discovery is the "visual face of Hadoop."
    • It uniquely allows business analysts, data scientists, and IT staff to collaborate on big data analytics projects and accelerate the time to value.
    • Self-service data preparation easily allows users to find, profile, explore, and transform messy Hadoop data to enable meaningful navigation of big data assets without coding.
    • Self-service analysis is presented through visual, search-based data discovery tools, together with predictive analytics.
  • Oracle Analytics Cloud offers integrated graph analytics for actionable insights:
    • Oracle Analytics Cloud leverages integrated graph analysis capabilities such as enterprise social graph and cross-channel identity graph for actionable insights.
    • These capabilities incorporate machine learning techniques utilizing big data algorithms and pattern recognition across enterprise transactions and social interactions to determine successful business patterns.
  • Oracle Analytics Cloud simplifies administration, helps ensure security, and offers compelling economics:
    • Cloud solutions can provide compelling economic value relative to on-premises solutions. With Oracle Analytics Cloud, organizations can reduce the costs and resources required, enabling broader exploitation of analytics throughout their organizations.
    • As with all Oracle Cloud services, users of Oracle Analytics Cloud can expect to enjoy:
      • Scalability: The cloud-based model allows organizations to add new users, applications, and analytic capabilities as requirements change and without limit.
      • Availability: Oracle Cloud architecture and SLAs deliver high availability.
      • Security: Data and analytic applications are hosted in the Oracle Cloud, which meets the industry’s highest security standards.
      • Simplicity: Oracle manages patching and upgrades, further freeing up IT resources and ensuring immediate availability of the latest capabilities.
      • Elasticity: The service leverages the power of Oracle Cloud infrastructure to support current and future analytic needs.
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  • "Data gravity is moving to the cloud, driven by the rapid adoption of SaaS applications and accelerating preference for cloud-based IT deployments. The need for cloud-based analytics has increased as a result," said Balaji Yelamanchili, senior vice president, analytics and performance management products, Oracle. "With today’s announcement, Oracle is first to fulfill a gap in the market, offering Oracle Analytics Cloud, a comprehensive portfolio of analytics offerings with millions of users already leveraging it. The comprehensive BI and big data analytics capabilities in the cloud will empower organizations to find and exploit new insights to drive their organizations forward."

    "The embedded analytics in Oracle HCM Cloud have helped our universities get the insight they need for running our business, improving our ability to plan and increasing the job satisfaction of our employees. The dashboards and reports are used every day by our human resources executives and analysts," said Segar Annamalai, chief information officer, American Career College.

    "Oracle BI Cloud Service allows Skanska to be a lot more agile," said Peter Bjork, vice president, Information System Strategies, Skanska. "When we need new analytics, Oracle BI Cloud Service allows us to create them quickly, without having to worry about infrastructure setup or software upgrades. And it allows us to tap into all our information sources. Together with the other Oracle cloud services we use, we see Oracle BI Cloud Service as a way to help us transform our industry."

    "Business intelligence is reaching beyond its traditional confines of power users to help a much broader audience of people apply data-driven insight to everyday decision-making. The emergence of cloud BI reflects the diverse requirements of this emergent audience, providing flexible access to analytical capability without the need for significant and time-consuming investment in on-premises hardware and software. BI has definitely trailed other business applications’ move to cloud, but as the volume of data generated and stored there grows, the case for cloud BI becomes compelling," said Tom M. Pringle, practice leader, Information Management, Ovum.

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