Mergers and acquisitions integration

When companies combine during a merger, getting everyone up to speed and working together is vital for future business prospects. Oracle Software Investment Advisory (SIA) helps you get a clear companywide view of your Oracle investments and how best to use them during an M&A integration.

Entitlement Intelligence

Get data-driven insights on entitlement, licensing, and investment options with our Entitlement Intelligence service.

How does Oracle SIA help?

We’ll help you seamlessly merge licenses while minimizing costs.

Your challenge

With so much going on when combining businesses, you want to know that your Oracle systems aren’t adding to your worries. The biggest challenges around this can be

  • Ensuring M&A processes create minimal disruption to Oracle systems
  • Merging Oracle licenses to maximize efficiency and cost benefits
  • Looking after existing employees and ensuring new employees are onboarded in the most effective way

Our commitment

We’ll give you a clear enterprisewide view of your Oracle investments and actionable advice to make your M&A integration a success. This involves

  • Providing an in-depth analysis of your usage based on data-driven insights so you can create a plan for your M&A integration
  • Identifying the best, most cost-effective solution for your new organizational structure

Case study

Two businesses. One single source of truth.

Following a major acquisition, a global financial services company wanted to take a fresh approach to their IT integration strategy and accelerate their cloud migration. Our team delivered a complete 360-degree view of technology investments across both businesses. We then delivered a report that provided a detailed product-by-product comparison—mapping the entitlements and contracts across both companies.

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