Strategic IT review

An effective IT strategy supports your business goals, enabling teams to work at their best using seamless technology that lets them focus on success—not software. Our Oracle Software Investment Advisory (SIA) team can show you how your Oracle products are currently being used and how they can support your long-term goals.

Entitlement Intelligence

Get data-driven insights on entitlement, licensing, and investment options with our Entitlement Intelligence service.

“We would like to express our sincere appreciation to the SIA team for supporting the ULA renewal of SPC Group. Through your helpful and thorough analysis, we were able to understand the concrete details of the ULA which persuaded our internal decision makers of the necessity to renew. We are confident that the renewal of the ULA will continue to help us maximize the productivity of our business and IT operations. I look forward to continuing to collaborate with Oracle and the SIA team, strengthening and developing our partnership.”

Kim Hyung Suk Infra Management Team General Manager, Secta9ine

How can Oracle SIA help?

We’ll give you a full picture of your install base so you can see where it’s possible to extract more value.

Your challenge

After you’ve invested in new Oracle technology to enhance your operating model, you want to ensure it’s delivering the maximum return. The biggest challenges can be

  • Gaining greater visibility into the Oracle licenses you have available and how they are being used
  • Understanding how Oracle fits into your wider IT infrastructure and how it can add the most value

Our commitment

We can help you get a better and more accurate understanding of your current Oracle base by

  • Using the SIA Entitlement Intelligence service to provide you with detailed information about how you’re using Oracle
  • Showing you what’s being used and highlighting any areas where you could get more value from your investment
  • Helping you understand how we can support your long-term business goals

Case study

A better idea of what products were doing

A new team at a global company was trying to understand their current licensing position. With more than 260 products and dozens of licensing agreements, this was a challenge.

We gave them full insight into all their products and licensing requirements, resulting in a single source of truth.

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