Billable Subcontracts Contact List

Line of Business Contact Name Email address
Global Businesses (non-GBU)
ACS, Global Heather Fleming
ACX Sales and Services Scott Langford
CX Marketing Consulting Skylar Ritchie
Education/Oracle University Sanjoy Sengupta

Linda Heyes
Field Service Delivery (FSD) Breta Palmer
Oracle Managed Cloud Services (OMCS) Umayal Manickam
Consulting (non-GBU)
APAC Consulting Use alias
EMEA Consulting Use alias
Japan Consulting Yuko Omoto
LAD Consulting Pamela Silva

Elena Souto

Regina Ruiz
NA Applications Consulting Christie Martinez
NA Cloud Consulting Claudia Infantes
NA Cloud Engineering Tracy Kimball
NA Tech Consulting Claudia Infantes
National Security Group (NSG) Jessica Guyer
Consulting Global Business Units (GBUs)
Communications GBU (CGBU) Consulting Shilpa Fotedar
Communications Applications GBU (CAGBU) Consulting Shilpa Fotedar
Construction and Engineering GBU (CEGBU) Consulting Jack Witts
Energy and Water GBU (EWGBU) Consulting Jack Witts
Financial Services GBU Consulting (FSGBU) Lakshmi Rao
Oracle Financial Software Services (OFSS, FSGBU) Kiran Nandaluru
Food and Beverage GBU (FBGBU) Consulting Aldana Rouaux
Hospitality GBU (HGBU) Consulting Aldana Rouaux
Healthcare (HCGBU) GBU Consulting Michelle Sexton
Health Sciences GBU (HSGBU) Consulting Michelle Sexton
Health Sciences GBU SaaS (HSGBU SaaS) & Trial Consulting Jim Niland
Overall GBU Consulting (contact if unclear which GBU Industry contact applies) Michelle Sexton
Netsuite (NSGBU) Vido Galera
Retail GBU (RGBU) Consulting David Yates